Fitness Bike Buying Guide

With a fitness bike, you can not only complete intensive workouts, but also escape from everyday life at high speed and combine your workout with your daily commute. But what exactly makes a bike a piece of fitness equipment and what should you look out for?

What is a fitness bike?

A fitness bike combines the essential features of a dynamic road bike with the everyday suitability of a conventional urban bike. Lightness, speed and riding fun are factors that play a major role and are implemented through the ergonomics and high-quality components. In contrast to indoor training with an exercise bike, this type of sport is practical, while also adding fun on everyday routes.

The prerequisites for fast riding and a high reaction speed are straight handlebars, precise gear shifting and reliable hydraulic disc brakes. The ergonomics of a fitness bike result in a more upright riding position than a road bike, but the sporty geometry of the frame remains similar. The narrow tyres also resemble those used for road cycling. They are designed for smooth road surfaces and are therefore well suited for high speeds during your training. In addition, the grips and saddles are usually trimmed a little more for comfort, since fitness bikes are more for everyday use than a bike designed only for performance. Fitness bikes also usually have StVo-compliant lighting and mudguards that don't let weather conditions and the time of day keep you from a good workout.

Which muscles are exercised while cycling?

Cycling exercises primarily the muscles in the legs and buttocks. But the supporting apparatus for the back, hips and abdomen is also strengthened by the steady movement. The more muscle you build on longer rides at a steady speed, the better you burn calories while cycling. This means that lots of cycling can have positive effects on weight loss or fat burning and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases or strokes.

Can an e-bike contribute to my fitness?

It is no secret that a conventional bicycle without motor assistance demands more power than a motorised e-bike. But nowadays there are also fitness e-bikes on the market. That's because the movements themselves are basically the same, so they still have positive effects on your health. Cycling gets your cardiovascular system going and with an e-bike you can easily control how far you want to go within your fitness level based on your chosen assistance level.

A fitness e-bike can help you keep building your speed, endurance and strength goals by not exhausting you as quickly with the hardest workout of your life. True to the motto "higher, faster, further", with the little extra tailwind you cover completely new distances and longer tours, so you can stay or get physically fit even with a motorised bike.

What fitness bikes are available?

The first question that needs answering is this: What types of fitness bikes exist and which areas of use might you particularly enjoy? The decisive factor is your intended use:

  1. Fitness bikes

    The fitness bike trains you in terms of speed and endurance on the road and is therefore suitable for daily training without the need for extensive planning.

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  2. Gravel Bikes

    A gravel bike impresses with its off-road performance. Whether on gravel, cobblestones or dirt roads – you don't need a special surface to power yourself out. 

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What should I keep in mind during training?

Whether it's targeted interval training or simply keeping fit by riding the distances you normally travel by car, the important thing is to listen to your body. You should be mindful of the basic prerequisites for a pleasant workout, such as the right posture for your spine and joints. The optimal cadence for training that is easy on the joints is around 70 to 90 steps per minute, although individuals can of course lie outside this range. It is therefore more important not to put too much strain on your cardiovascular system, but to achieve training success through continuity and endurance and to optimally promote your fitness.

Some more tips for healthy training with the e-bike:

  • Ride regularly and at a consistent pace to improve your long-term fitness, build muscle and burn fat.
  • Choose the support level that suits you, depending on the terrain and speed, and you will notice that you gradually need to use the motor less and less for your training. 

What accessories do I need?

Your motivation is also tied to the right accessories, because who wants to stand in the rain without a jacket or go without water on a hot day?

The right clothing for wind and weather is key for your health, because freezing after exertion can weaken your immune system. Sufficient water and, if necessary, a power bar for on the go can provide your body with plenty of energy so that you are always motivated to set new training goals and achieve them.

Each sport also requires certain protective equipment. If you train with your bike, you should definitely wear a helmet and sufficient reflectors to be safe on the road at any time of day, especially in traffic. gadgets such as a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, cycling navigator or similar help to document your progress and motivate you to continue pursuing your goal.

Overcome your weaker self and start your workout at your own pace. With a ROSE fitness bikes, the most important bike parts and accessories as well as the right clothing, you are prepared for upcoming workouts.