Tyre change & puncture repair

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Pretty much all of us have had a puncture, i.e. a flat tyre, and know that a flat tyre can abruptly interrupt a bike ride. To avoid a flat tyre and heavy tyre wear, you should regularly check the pressure of your tyres, inflate them if necessary and replace your tyre casings after a certain period of time.

Here you will find everything you need - whether to replace a defective tube or to change your bicycle tyres.

Changing tyres and repairing a puncture

Tyre wear and flat tyres are the two most common defects that cyclists have to deal with. A badly worn tyre can lead to unsafe driving behaviour and increase the risk of falls. A flat tyre, on the other hand, is a sudden defect in which the air escapes from the tyre and further travel is no longer possible. To avoid a flat tyre and severe tyre wear, you should regularly check the pressure of your tyres and inflate them if necessary to ensure a glue-like wear of the tyres. If you have a flat tyre, you can either repair it with a repair kit or replace the entire tube.

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