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SLIME keeps tyres and tubes tight
SLIME has been a pioneer in tyre sealants and tyre repair since 1989. All around the world, SLIME products are now established in the automotive, motorbike and bicycle industries, with the bicycle range including tyre sealants, self-adhesive patches, tyre inserts, various bicycle air pumps and much more.

Providing safety not only for the biker, but also for the environment
SLIME endeavours to ensure an environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Attention is also paid to this during factory inspections. The commitment "to be green" should therefore go beyond the commitment to the green brand colour. Creating products that are safe for the end user, the tyre and the environment – that is the goal of the American brand manufacturer.

In addition to the popular and widely used tyre sealant, a range of accessory products for tyre care have also become well established on the market. From patches to tube protectors, SLIME now offers ambitious bikers everything they need for a safe and, above all, breakdown-free tour.