United in passion

One bike, four different types of riders and great fun. Lea, Pia, Thatchai and Robin are taking on the rugged roads of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southern France with the new XLITE. Steep climbs, undulating flyover roads and picturesque little mountain villages promise an exciting, challenging time on the bike.

The best bike for everyone

The new XLITE embodies speed in every form. On the climbs it flies up the mountain as light as a feather, grips the road on the descent and moves aerodynamic in the wind. The XLITE brings together everything a modern racing machine needs and motivates the group to go beyond themselves and chase the KoM.

It’s totally worth it

A day cycling through the region around Sospel will be long and exhausting. But when viewing the sunrise at the port of Menton, the tiredness of the morning disappears and everyone can feel it: the day will be a good one and the hard work will be worth it in the end.

Growing past limits

Energy-sapping climbs and cold descents in the early morning make it difficult to get started. But the group grows from its challenge. Everyone squeezes the last of their strength from their legs, while also finding time and space for pure enjoyment. They see the breathtaking nature, have fun together and cheer each other on. 


Everyone is motivated to go faster and to surpass themselves. Lea pulls the group over the flats between the cols before Thatchai sets his sights on the next town limits. Pia keeps the pace up after the sprints and tries to break away before the group regroups on the mountain. They are all having fun and feel that the sweat and aching muscles are worth it.

Exhausted, but overjoyed

The pass is the goal. Together, pedal stroke by pedal stroke, they climb up the last elevation gain.  The support from the crew is unparalleled. At the top of the Col de Turini, they all get to enjoy the view.

A good time

Road cycling is a true passion. Riding in a group creates a sense of belonging. Long, tiring hours in the saddle bring people together. The common goal: A good time.