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For true bikers, cars are the second-best hobby in the world – after their bike of course. But when it comes to the transport of bicycles, cars in general and of course the bike racks by Uebler are an indispensable help. While tow eyes and tow ropes were still the main focus when the company was founded in 1965, the Bavarian manufacturer enjoys a very good reputation since developing its first bike rack for the tow coupling in the year 1993.

However, the bicycle transport “from A to B” depends quite individually on the type and number of bicycles. That’s why, Uebler has a large range of bike racks. This includes for example the F32 XL for up to three bikes or the compact X21 series that can be folded down to a small size. What’s more, transport bags for the different bike racks protect the bikes from weather or dirt.

The company, which produces “made in Germany” for the whole of Europe in Forchheim, Bavaria, works closely together with car and bicycle manufacturers. The towbar mounted bike racks have already received several awards for their innovation and quality and are thus ideal to carry your bike to the next competition, holiday or simply on your next day out.