Selle Italia

sadler til krævende ryttere


The success story of Selle Italia started in the little village of Corsico in 1897. While the first saddles that left the production line were exclusively designed for cargo bikes, the company started to focus on cycling sports products in the following years. Since then, a lot has changed with regards to the production of saddles, too: While the first saddle models were made from steel and leather, the company now clearly focuses on comfort and ergonomics. Today, saddles with gel padding and saddles that are specially designed for the anatomy of women or men are part of Selle Italia’s product range.

Whether for off-road use or triathlon – Ergonomic saddles of high quality
Selle Italia’s product range is huge. A large selection of road, off-road and triathlon saddles allows all riders to find the perfect saddle. Selle Italia has especially established itself as a popular saddle manufacturer in the field of triathlon and pro cycling. This is because every detail counts where maximum performance is required and thanks to the solid construction of Selle Italia saddles as well as the technically sophisticated development of every single model, there are more and more pros who are convinced of the saddles’ quality. Yet in the off-road sector, too, the company is becoming more and more a talking point. But whatever the discipline, the Italian manufacturer always focuses on the rider. Apart from road, off-road and triathlon saddles, the Italian company for bike saddles also offers accessories like saddle bags or rim tape.

Selle Italia – Comfortable saddles for women and men   
In order to continuously develop and sell the perfect solutions for demanding cyclists, Selle Italia works together with an expert team consisting of members of different disciplines. The big challenge is to produce saddles that perfectly meet the requirements of cyclists in terms of comfort and ergonomics.