PN4.1 Performance Narrow Triathlon Saddle

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PN4.1 Performance Narrow Triathlon Saddle


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The PN4.1 from the Performance Narrow category of ISM triathlon saddles has the same shape as the popular PN4.0 – only with more padding for those who want a little more comfort.

Like the other ISM PN saddles, the PN4.1 was developed without a nose to take away as much pressure as possible from the perineal area and the genitals. In addition, it offers plenty of space for the thighs, allowing free pedalling and more freedom of movement for fast corners.

• Noseless bike saddle for road, triathlon and time trial
• Divided cutout for genitals, tissue and perineal area
• Requires a more aerodynamic riding position
• Rounded saddle edges for excellent comfort
• Saddle eyelets on both sides for hanging up your bike in the transition area

Technical details:
• Intended use: Road, Triathlon, Time Trial
• Gender: unisex
• Padding: 40 Series foam*
• Saddle rail: Cr-Mo (Ø 7 mm, round)
• Dimensions: approx. 255 x 125 mm

In the box:
• 1 ISM PN 4.1 bike saddle

The designation “10, 15, 20, ..., 60, 65 Series” indicates the height and consistency of the padding. The lower the value, the thinner and tighter the foam layer. The higher the value, the thicker and softer the saddle’s padding.

14 days Money Back Trial Offer
If you are not satisfied with the saddle, you can return it within the first 14 days of purchase for a refund.
Exclusions apply to saddles with damage caused by improper use, such as a fall or accident.

Step saddle:
with cutout:
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