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PowerBar ISOACTIVE drink powder

The isotonic PowerBar sports drink with C2MAX. Replenishes your body with the 5 main electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and chloride....

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fra62,21 kr. Normalpris: 103,68 kr. / kg


PowerBar 5 Electrolytes effervescent tablets

PowerBar 5 Electrolytes drink tablets in a handy, practical tube – perfect for transport in your sports bag, jersey or saddle bag. One pack contains 1...

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30,91 kr. Normalpris: 73,60 kr. / 100g


ultraSPORTS ultraPERFORM Buffer drink powder

ultraSPORTS Buffer - the sports drink wit´h a carbohydrate : protein ratio of 3 : 1. Sodium content of 1000 mg per litre. · Suitable for use before a...

Model: mango

156,12 kr. Normalpris: 312,24 kr. / kg


PowerBar Recovery Max / 2.0 Drink powder

Intensive training sessions or competitions can weaken your immune system and cause muscle fatigue. The carbohydrates contained in the Recovery Drink...

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179,60 kr. Normalpris: 156,99 kr. / kg


ultraSPORTS ultraRECOVER Refresher drink powder - lactose-free -

The ultraSPORTS drink for use after training units with carbohydrates and whey protein. ultraRECOVER Refresher contains whey protein, carbohydrates a...

Model: tropic

163,95 kr. Normalpris: 327,90 kr. / kg


Xenofit competition drink powder

Xenofit competition - the isotonic carbohydrate drink especially for longer endurance units - contains a well-balanced mixture of carbohydrates, sodiu...

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fra35,22 kr. Normalpris: 16,77 kr. / 100g

PowerBar Protein Plus protein powder 100% whey isolate

After an intensive endurance and strength training session, your muscles are tired and need protein for muscle growth and maintenance. The PowerBar Pr...

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173,63 kr. Normalpris: 304,61 kr. / kg


Xenofit Xenofit® mineral energy drink powder

Mineral drink with carbohydrates This Xenofit mineral sports drink contains specific organic mineral salts that can be optimally absorbed by your orga...

Før 69,65 kr. 65,27 kr. Normalpris: 90,65 kr. / kg


Dextro Energy iso drink powder

The iso drink by Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink. The fruity and tangy drink is available in the flavours...

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43,08 kr. Normalpris: 97,91 kr. / kg


Dextro Energy Zero Calories effervescent tablets

The Zero Calories effervescent tablets by Dextro Energy can be dissolved in water and – thanks to the minerals contained – they can be used to restore...

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22,69 kr. Normalpris: 28,36 kr. / 100g


Multipower Formula 80 Protein Complex powder

Formula 80 contains 4 protein components from milk and egg. Thanks to its qualities as a multi-component protein (whey, caseine, egg white), Formula 8...

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112,71 kr. Normalpris: 221,00 kr. / kg

Isostar Fast Hydration Powertabs effervescent tablets

A reduced-calorie thirst quencher that tastes good and supplies the body with minerals - this is what is special about the isostar Fast Hydration Powe...

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31,77 kr. Normalpris: 26,48 kr. / 100g


Isostar Long Distance Energy Drink powder

Whether for marathon, cycling or triathlon: This isotonic electrolyte drink offers endurance athletes a mixture of vitamins and carbohydrates. To effi...

Farve: orange

82,17 kr. Normalpris: 104,01 kr. / kg

ultraSPORTS ultraRECOVER AddOn Amino drink powder

ultraSPORTS AddOn Amino drink with 6000 mg arginine and 2000 mg citrulline malate per portion for speed training, competition and recovery. The conten...

Model: Lemon-Orange

191,04 kr. Normalpris: 616,26 kr. / kg


PowerBar ISOMAX drink powder

- High-performance sports drink - The isotonic PowerBar sports drink with C2MAX and the 5 main electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium an...

Model: Blood Orange

fra12,10 kr. Normalpris: 24,20 kr. / 100g

AMSport High Protein powder

The AMSport High Protein powder not only promises best support of muscle maintenance and growth, but it also tastes especially good. Thanks to a low...

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217,15 kr. Normalpris: 361,92 kr. / kg


AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement

The AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement offers the perfect basis for weight control. A huge choice of sweet and savoury flavours offers variety fo...

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148,30 kr. Normalpris: 302,65 kr. / kg


Xenofit Xenofit® mineral light drink powder

Reduced-calorie mineral drink with L-carnitin For athletes who want to restrict their calory intake. To ensure electrolyte balance after exercise. (6...

77,87 kr. Normalpris: 299,50 kr. / kg


Xenofit Xenofit® Potassium, Magnesium + Vitamin C drink powder

Potassium and magnesium are important for the electrolyte balance, muscle and nerve functions. Ideal after exercise and heavy sweat loss. 1 mineral d...

Før 50,08 kr. 43,08 kr. Normalpris: 35,90 kr. / 100g


Dextro Energy Iso Drink set offer incl. drinks bottle

Set offer from Dextro Energy, consisting of: 2 x Dextro Energy drink powder Iso Drink à 440g (item no. 1947151) and 1 x Dextro Energy drinks bottle 0...

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Før 101,34 kr. 85,69 kr. Normalpris: 97,38 kr. / kg