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Garmin speed and cadence sensor kit

This set consists of a speed sensor (item no. 2098300) and a cadence sensor (item no. 2098319). The sensors can easily be attached to the bike using r...

414,37 kr.


B + M E-Werk power supply and charger

For all those who want to use their mobile phones, GPS receivers, MP3 players and other electronic devices while cycling and for those who do not have...

703,52 kr.


Sigma R2 Duo Combo speed and cadence transmitter

The indispensable duo for your personal success. The Sigma R2 Duo Combo sensor transmits your current speed and cadence via ANT+ data transfer to your...

312,63 kr.

B + M USB-Werk power supply and charger

The USB-Werk is connected to the hub dynamo and provides a voltage of 5 volts and a current of 500 mA. An integrated cache battery ensures that the vo...

461,32 kr.

Wahoo Fitness RPM speed and cadence sensors bundle

The two most important data trackers for the measurement of speed and cadence are also available in a bundle. Data-hungry cyclists will surely be deli...

547,72 kr.


Polar Bluetooth Smart speed and cadence sensor kit

Efficiently improve your performance. The Polar Bluetooth Smart speed and cadence sensor kit optimizes your training step by step. Once the small and...

Farve: schwarz

413,98 kr.


Garmin speed sensor

The sensor is attached to the hub body with the integrated rubber tab and only has to be connected to the device afterwards. A magnet is not required,...

Før 250,03 kr. 234,38 kr.

Garmin Charge Power Pack for Edge 1030

You are planning a big tour and don't know when you will find the next socket? No worries! With the external battery pack Garmin Charge Power, you can...

Før 860,04 kr. 782,17 kr.


Garmin cadence sensor

The sensor is fixed to the crank with a rubber flap and does not need a magnet, as it works with an accelerometer. • Compatible with the following dev...

Før 250,03 kr. 234,38 kr.


Garmin aero bracket for Edge devices

With this aerobar bracket you can make full use of the Edge's features on tours and you always have the edge over the others. As the bracket is fixed...

234,38 kr.

Garmin Aero combo mount for Edge

The optimized Garmin aero combo mount allows you to perfectly position your Garmin Edge 1030. The height of the mount was lowered so that your bike co...

273,51 kr.

Garmin silicone case for Edge 1030

Protect your Garmin Edge 1030 with this form-fitting, removable silicone case - during your ride and when not in use. As you can choose between differ...


Polar Aero bike mount for V650/M450/M460 bike computer

Aerodynamic and easy to reach anytime – the Polar Aero bike mount offers decisive advantages for ambitious time trial riders when split seconds count....

Farve: schwarz

195,25 kr.


K-Edge Garmin Sport handlebar mount for Edge and Touring

With the stable, CNC milled aluminium holder by K-Edge, you can position your Garmin navigation device centrally in front of the stem to make sure you...

Farve: schwarz

210,51 kr.


Sigma R1 Duo comfortex+ transmitter incl. textile chest strap

Listen to your heart. Especially in strenuous training periods, as well as in demanding competitions, it is important to take care of your heart. The...

289,16 kr.

Garmin Edge Mountain Bike Mount

The Garmin Edge mountain bike mount is especially designed for bicycles with short stems and also suitable for off-road riding. Thus, it is perfect fo...

Farve: schwarz

312,24 kr.


Wahoo Fitness TICKR BT 4.0 / ANT+ chest strap

The TICKR chest strap transmits pulse and heart rate data to smartphones or heart rate watches that support appropriate wireless technology via BT 4.0...

Farve: schwarz

391,20 kr.


Sigma handlebar/stem holder (00428)

Handlebar/stem holder incl. cable for BC 509, BC 1009, BC 5.12, 8.12, 12.12, 14.12 ALTI, 16.12

46,17 kr.


VDO cadence sensor kit (3012)

Pedal comfortably. The VDO cadence sensor kit 3012 sends all pedalling movements to your VDO bike computer. Perfect as replacement for the wireless bi...

147,90 kr.

B + M backup battery for E-Werk

Connected between E-Werk and mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player etc.), the backup battery can at the same time be charged and give off...

343,94 kr.

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