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B + M E-Werk power supply and charger

For all those who want to use their mobile phones, GPS receivers, MP3 players and other electronic devices while cycling and for those who do not have...

703,52 kr.

B + M USB-Werk power supply and charger

The USB-Werk is connected to the hub dynamo and provides a voltage of 5 volts and a current of 500 mA. An integrated cache battery ensures that the vo...

461,32 kr.


Garmin Charge Power Pack for Edge 1030

You are planning a big tour and don't know when you will find the next socket? No worries! With the external battery pack Garmin Charge Power, you can...

Før 860,04 kr. 782,17 kr.

B + M backup battery for E-Werk

Connected between E-Werk and mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player etc.), the backup battery can at the same time be charged and give off...

343,94 kr.

B + M replacement battery

· fits Ixon Speed/Ixon IQ Speed/Ixon IQ Speed Premium · 4,1 Ah · deep discharge protection · charging time: approx. 6 hours · incl. case

351,76 kr.



Garmin NiMH battery pack for GPSMAP64 and Oregon 600/650/700/750 series

This battery pack gives your Garmin device some extra power. Especially useful for longer tours. Intelligent solution: The battery pack can either be...

155,73 kr.


Sigma SIGMA CR 2450 battery

· for bike computer BC 1909/2209/Rox5.0/6.0/8.0/8.1/9.0/9.1/10.0 and R3/R1 BLUE · 3 volts · 1 piece

30,91 kr.

Sigma Buster 2000 HL battery pack

Brings you extra lighting power even for extensive night tours. Thanks to the capacity of 6400 mAh, you will never be left alone in the dark with your...

586,53 kr.

Varta Lithium battery CR2032

Lithium button cell CR2032 · 3V · 230 mAh · 3,2x21mm

10,17 kr.

Panasonic Eneloop NiMH 1900 mAh Mignon AA rechargeable batteries

Panasonic Eneloop Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries stand out for a low self-discharge. The high-quality rechargeable batteries last significantly lon...

101,34 kr.


GP LR 44 / 76 a / V13 GA battery

A button full of power – that’s the LR 44 / 76 a / V13 GA battery by GP. Thanks to its compact size, this alkali-manganese battery even fits into smal...

7,83 kr.


GP 23 A 12 V battery

The 23 A 12 V battery by GP is surprisingly powerful. The alkali-manganese battery is used in many speed sensors of bike computers. The high-voltage b...

19,96 kr.


Maxell CR 2025 lithium battery

The all-rounder! The CR 2025 lithium battery by Maxell stands out for a long life and diverse applications. Thus, you can for instance use the button...

15,26 kr.

keine Marke CR 1632 lithium battery

The CR 1632 battery is reliable, small and offers a low self-discharge. Thus, the 3 g lithium battery is perfect for different fitness devices. Detai...

30,91 kr.

Varta Lithium battery CR2025

Lithium button cell CR2025 · 3V · 170 mAh · 2,5x20 mm

13,69 kr.


Panasonic CR 2354 battery

With a power of 560 mAh, the Panasonic CR 2354 lithium battery offers enough power for power-intensive devices for your bike. The 6g lithium battery i...

Før 30,52 kr. 23,09 kr.


COBI.bike Battery Pack 2, compatible with dynamo

Charges faster, lasts longer and can be charged via hub with the dynamo, too. The powerful Battery Pack 2 by COBI.bike in the optimised new version la...

586,53 kr.

Sony CR 1620 lithium battery

The Sony CR 1620 lithium battery is very reliable, even in extreme temperatures. With a power of 78 mAh, the small button cell is perfect for bike com...

15,26 kr.