Triathlon Parts

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Triathlon means coordinated training for three different sports: swimming, cycling and running.

With the right equipment you can bring variety into your training and prepare yourself for the competition. Whether short, middle or long distance, you can reach your best form and finish with a new personal best time.

Add variety to your swim training – with our fins, paddles, snorkels and much more. The perfect swim gear including a pair of swim goggles and a tri suit will help you finish fast in the 1st discipline. Don't waste valuable time and let us inspire you, because water is your element.

In the fight against time, every watt saved will help you. Whether you are looking for aero wheels or helmets, triathlon shoes, aero bars, power meters, hydration systems or others. Our huge range of products offers you many possibilities to finish the 2nd discipline faster.

In the 3rd triathlon discipline, the finish line is within reach. Running caps, calf sleeves, hydration belts and many more accessories help you make the distance. The feeling of happiness will make you forget all the pain you’ve experienced during training and competition. Triathlon is passion.

Good luck!