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Urban Lifestyle Bags – Bike Bags for City Cycling, Commuting and Everyday Life

No matter if you cycle to the bakery, take your laptop with you to university or whether you want to go swimming by bike – those who cycle a lot need a good solution to transport their shopping, folders, laptop, spare clothes and more. Please find below the right products for commuting or city cruising. You can choose between:

Bike Backpacks

Bike backpacks are great companions for city riding. They keep your gear including smartphone and folders well organised and allow for comfortable transport. We also offer hybrid backpacks featuring shoulder straps to carry them on your back and hooks underneath a cover to attach them to the pannier rack. A backpack is a practical companion for your way to work, to the supermarket or for everyday use! Click here to find a wide range of backpacks for city cyclists.

Shoulder Bags and Messenger Bags

Messenger Bags offer enough space to store your gear and as you can wear them over the shoulder or across the chest, they guarantee fast access to the contents. The advantage in comparison to a backpack: The weight of the bag is evenly distributed over the lower back for optimal load distribution and increased comfort.
Shoulder bags are another alternative. They feature a comfortable shoulder strap as well as a covered hook-on system for attachment to the bike. Please click here for our messenger bags and shoulder bags for city cycling.

We stock a wide range of bicycle bags, bike backpacks, messenger bags and shoulder bags for attachment to the handlebar or pannier rack in all common colours, sizes and price ranges and by renowned brands like ORTLIEB, VAUDE, BASIL, BROOKS, CHROME and many more. Shop a backpack or messenger bag for city cycling and daily use!