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City and urban bike helmets

Perfect companions for leisure rides and commuting

Bike helmets have become a common sight in everyday life – used for cycling to work, school or university. More and more riders put their safety first when riding in city traffic and always keep their heads protected with a helmet. If you, too, are looking for the right urban helmet for city rides or commuting, you have come to the perfect place. We offer a large selection of bike helmets for women, men and kids in all standard sizes and colours, with straightforward, modern designs to keep you safe when on the roads. You are sure to find a stylish helmet matching your business outfit as well as a sporty helmet for leisure tours and cycling holidays. Naturally, our product range includes popular brands such as ALPINA, UVEX, ABUS and CASCO.

How should a city or urban helmet fit?

For daily rides through the city or for casual bike tours, you need a loyal companion that takes care of your safety. When choosing your bike helmet, a perfect fit is of utmost importance. The helmet should fit snug around your head – without wobbling or putting pressure on your head. The straps should not feel uncomfortable on your ears. Most bike helmets come with a fitting system at the back of the head. With this fitting system, you can individually adjust the helmet size to make sure it fits perfectly every time you wear it. The weight of a helmet also plays a role – the lighter your helmet is, the less you will notice it on your head and the more you will enjoy your tours.

Which helmet size do I have?

To determine your cycle helmet size, you need to know your head circumference in centimetres (cm). Place a measuring tape on your forehead above your eyebrows and run it around your head, as straight as possible. The measured circumference corresponds to your helmet size. Most cycling helmets come with a fitting system that covers several sizes.

Ventilation of the bike helmet

Besides the correct fit of a helmet, proper ventilation is vital as well. Especially in summer, temperatures could otherwise rise significantly under the helmet. That’s why, many cycling helmets have numerous vents and integrated ventilation channels, which ensure constant aeration of the head. If there is a foamed in fly net in the front vents, it will prevent insects from getting into the helmet. A soft and breathable interior padding, which can ideally be removed and washed, quickly wicks excess moisture and heat to the outside. This will keep your head cool on warm days, too.

Extra lighting on tours in the dark

If you ride a lot in poor light conditions, at dusk or at night, we recommend you to choose a bike helmet with a built-in LED rear light at the back of the head. An LED light will make you more visible to other road users. Reflective elements on the helmet or striking hi-vis colours, too, can add to your safety.

When should I replace my bike helmet?

A crash might seriously damage your bike helmet. Not every damage is visible on the outside though. Cracks in the material and the foam inside will keep the helmet from absorbing as much energy as it did before – your safety is no longer guaranteed. That’s why you should replace your helmet after every fall. Even if your bike helmet wasn’t used in a crash, you should replace it at regular intervals. UV rays, moisture and other outside influences remove the helmet’s glue after a certain amount of time, or they cause the helmet’s material to wear out. This is why we recommend buying a new helmet regularly.

Whether functional sport helmets or helmets for daily commutes – you are sure to find the right bike helmet for your intended use in the ROSE Bikes online shop. We stock a huge range of bicycle helmets for women, men and children in all standard sizes, price ranges and colours with classic, elegant designs for added protection in city traffic. Of course, our range includes renowned brands such as ALPINA, UVEX, ABUS and CASCO.