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Kids' helmets

Bike helmets for young riders

A bike helmet is not only an essential piece of cycling equipment for adults. Young riders, too, should always wear a helmet on the bike. Here you will find an overview of our children's helmets. These come with designs, a fit and features that are specially adapted to the wishes and needs of the young ones. What's more, our experts will be happy to assist you with choosing the right bike helmet for children, teenagers and toddlers.

Our product range includes a selection of children's cycling helmets with colourful designs and affordable prices. You can find various models of kids' cycle helmets in different sizes, colours and price ranges from renowned manufacturers such as ABUS, CASCO, UVEX and ALPINA in our online shop.

At what age should a child start wearing a helmet?

If you want to carry your child in a child seat, you should make sure he or she wears a helmet. We strongly recommend to never carry children in child seats or bike trailers without making them wear adequate helmets. Children, who cycle on their own to school or kindergarten, too, should always wear a helmet. Only a helmet will provide sufficient protection during a crash. Keeping your child safe is definitely worth the cost of buying a helmet.

Which kids' helmet is the right one?

Children often do not like wearing cycling helmets – especially if they put pressure on their heads or wobble. That's why, it is all the more important that a helmet fits comfortably and that is has an appealing design that makes a child want to wear it. Besides safety, a perfect fit, attractive design and trendy colours should be guaranteed as well. An important aspect when buying a helmet should thus be to give children the possibility of choosing, for example, the colour of the helmet themselves. This increases the probability that a child will love wearing the new bike helmet and really do so every time he or she rides.

Which size should a cycle helmet for kids have?

To determine the correct size of a bike helmet, you need a measuring tape. Place it on the forehead of your child just above the eyebrows and run it around his or her head, while keeping it as straight as possible. The measured circumference in centimetres (cm) corresponds to the helmet size your child needs. In order to make sure that you do not have to buy a new helmet every year but to provide a perfect fit over a longer period of time, most helmets come with a fitting system that covers several helmet sizes. The helmet thus grows with your child and can be adapted to your child’s head circumference individually, which often allows your child to keep one helmet even for several years.

How should a kids’ cycle helmet fit?

A bike helmet for children should fit snug around the head – it shouldn’t wobble, slip or put pressure on the head. A proper fit makes sure the helmet remains in place during a crash and offers as much protection as possible. The helmet straps, too, should be snug, yet without feeling uncomfortable on your ears or pinching at your neck. It is important that children can use the retention and closure system on their own to adjust the helmet to their heads and guarantee a perfect fit.

When should you replace a children’s helmet?

A crash might seriously damage a bike helmet. Not every damage is visible on the outside though. Cracks in the material and in the foam inside will keep the helmet from absorbing as much energy as it did before – your safety is no longer guaranteed. That’s why you should replace a kids’ helmet after every fall. Even if your kids’ helmet was not used in a crash, you should replace it at regular intervals. UV rays, moisture and other external influences remove the helmet’s glue after a certain amount of time, or they cause the helmet’s material to wear out. This is why we recommend buying a new helmet regularly.

To keep your child safe in road traffic, we offer bike helmets that are designed to meet the specific demands of children. In case you are unsure which helmet fits your child’s head best, our experts will be happy to advise you. We stock a range of colourful children’s cycling helmets with attractive prices. No matter the age of your child, whether he or she is already a teenager or still a toddler, you are sure to find just the right helmet here. Kids’ cycle helmets by popular manufacturers such as ABUS, CASCO, UVEX and ALPINA are all available in our online shop.