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Technical shirts

Tech cycling T-shirts for fitness, bike tours and MTB

You are approaching the next stopover on your bike tour. Upon entering a café, you take off your jacket – which leaves you sitting there in your sweaty cotton shirt. It does not have to be like that! Discover our range of technical men’s and women’s long sleeve shirts and T-shirts made from particularly breathable fabrics. They will make your everyday and fitness tours as well as your cycle holidays or casual after-work spins even more enjoyable by providing high breathability and comfort. We show you why you should opt for a technical shirt and what you should pay attention to when buying one.

Our range includes a large selection of versatile and fast-drying tech shirts as well as T-shirts for women and men. These are available in many sizes, colours, price ranges and from renowned manufacturers such as JACK WOLFSKIN, LÖFFLER, VAUDE and SHIMANO.

What are the advantages of technical shirts?

As opposed to standard cotton T-shirts, technical shirts are made of high-quality synthetic fibres or of a fabric mix containing high-quality synthetic fibres such as polyester. Cotton shirts absorb moisture and get soaked – which means they get heavy and clammy during sports and other activities. In contrast to this, synthetic fabrics do not absorb moisture but wick it away from the body to the outside where it evaporates. Shirts made from synthetic fibres are highly breathable and keep you dry and comfortable. They are thus ideal for training and fitness!

Odour-free technical shirts – do they exist?

The fabric of numerous technical shirts and T-shirts gets treated with special anti-bacterial coatings or comes with fibres that contain, for example, silver ions with antibacterial features. These minimise the growth of bacteria that are brought onto the textile through skin contact. Thus, they prevent the formation of odours so that your sports shirt stays fresh longer.

Technical shirts for winter

On cooler days, too, a tech cycling shirt is ideal to provide optimum warmth and breathability. If you wear, for example, a long sleeve technical T-shirt under a jacket, the technical shirt is necessary to ensure the quick transfer of excess moisture from the skin through the base layer and the material or membrane of the jacket. Standard cotton tees stop this moisture wicking process and quickly make you feel cold. Wearing a sports shirt made from technical synthetic fibres is therefore also highly recommended for commuters and leisure cyclists.

Funktionsshirts für den Winter

Auch an kühlen Tagen eignet sich ein funktionales Shirt für eine optimale Wärme und Atmungsaktivität. Wenn du beispielsweise ein Langarm Funktions-T-Shirt unter einer Jacke trägst, ist ein Funktionsshirt notwendig, um den raschen Transport von überschüssiger Feuchtigkeit von der Haut über die erste Lage bis durch das Material oder die Membrane der Jacke zu gewährleisten. Standard Baumwoll Shirts hemmen diesen Feuchtigkeitsabtransport und lassen dich so schnell auskühlen. Das Tragen eines Sport Shirts aus funktionalen Kunstfasern ist deshalb auch besonders für Damen und Herren zu empfehlen, die mit ihrem Bike im Alltag unterwegs sind oder pendeln.

Buying a technical shirt for sports activities clearly pays off. No matter whether you would like to wear it in the gym, on casual tours with your hybrid bike or during athletic rides – you will greatly benefit from our technical shirts for men and women. In our online shop, you will find a large selection of versatile and fast-drying technical shirts with short sleeves and long sleeves, T-shirts and tank tops for women and men. These are available in many sizes, colours, price ranges and from renowned manufacturers such as JACK WOLFSKIN, LÖFFLER, VAUDE and SHIMANO.

Do you have questions about functional shirts?

What is a functional shirt?
Functional shirts are the all-rounders among cycling jerseys. Unlike a sporty cycling jersey, functional shirts don’t have a zip and back pockets. Functional shirts are made of special microfibres, such as polyester, and thus combine high-tech with a high level of wearer comfort.
What fabric is a functional shirt made of?
Functional shirts are made of high-quality synthetic fibres or a blend with high-quality synthetic fibres such as polyester or spandex. The material of the functional shirts ensures that moisture is quickly released from the body to the outside. This makes the synthetic fibre very breathable, perspiration-absorbing, as well as heat-insulating, while providing a pleasantly cool and dry feeling.
How should a functional shirt fit?
Basically, a functional shirt is cut rather casually. In order for the fabric to absorb the moisture from the skin and transport it to the outside, it should nevertheless not be bought too loose. It should also be long enough to cover your back when you are in a slightly forward riding position and give you enough mobility.