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Road jerseys for speed lovers

You keep pushing those pedals mile after mile. The landscape rushes past. You are continuously working on your personal best. Whether you are completing your training rides or fighting for front positions in a race – it is only with the right cycling gear that you will be able to deliver maximum performance. The right equipment for podium places includes a jersey that perfectly suits your requirements. Breathable, lightweight and ideally adapted to the on-bike position – that’s what your cycling jersey should be like to allow you to totally focus on yourself and your performance on the bike. In the ROSE Bikes online shop, you will find the right jerseys for efficient and comfortable training and for competitions. From light summer jerseys to warmi thermal jerseys for winter training – our range includes a large selection of women’s and men’s jerseys in short sleeve and long sleeve versions. These are available in all standard sizes, with varied designs and colours by well-known brands such as ROSE, X-BIONIC, Alé, ASSOS, GORE WEAR, Castelli, Nalini, Sportful and more.

Which type of jersey is the right one for me?

You should match your cycling jersey with the season you are riding in. You can choose between airy, light jerseys made from breathable technical fabrics for summer and cycling jerseys that provide thermal insulation for the cold season. Jerseys used for road cycling should first and foremost have a tight fit that follows your movements without restricting. Thanks to a cycle-specific cut, raglan sleeves and an extended back, a jersey will provide optimum comfort on the bike.

Road jerseys for summer

When you are riding your road bike on hot days, you need an airy, light short sleeve or sleeveless jersey, which provides maximum ventilation through breathable fabrics as well as mesh inserts. In this way, a short sleeve cycle jersey wicks off excess moisture and heat to the outside to keep you dry and cool. Cycling jerseys without sleeves, also called singlets, promise even more ventilation. Specially for female cyclists, we also offer a selection of sleeveless women’s jerseys, tops and tank tops, which are perfectly suitable for hot summer days, thanks to their light and breathable fabric.

Road jerseys for winter

Road jerseys with long sleeves are particularly recommended for the cold season. Thanks to the use of insulating and warm fabrics, a thermal jersey will keep you warm on cool days, while also providing high breathability. Some jerseys have an additional windstopper on the front panel. This will protect you from cold wind, spray and light rain. A brushed inside or a warm fleece lining ensure extra warmth on cold days. If you need even more protection from cold on the bike, you can of course also combine your cycling jersey with a technical jacket or gilet.

Helpful features of road jerseys

Every cycling jersey is different. That’s why we have listed some features here that might help you decide which jersey you should buy:

Zip: Many jerseys have a front zip. Whether short zip or full-length zip – a zipper not only facilitates getting the jersey on and off, yet also allows for light ventilation during the ride.

Pockets: Most jerseys have three pockets at the back that will allow you taking along an energy bar, gels, keys or your MP3 player. In this way, the jersey offers sufficient stowage for your essentials. Depending on the model, a jersey might also have an additional small zippered pocket to give you the possibility to securely stow away your keys etc.

We want you to be able to give your all during passionate rides – that’s why, in the ROSE Bikes online shop, we offer only the best jerseys with a perfect fit, high breathability and clever features for even more performance. Our range includes a large selection of women’s and men’s jerseys in short sleeve and long sleeve versions. These are available in all sizes and colours; with varied designs and from renowned brands such as ROSE, X-BIONIC, Alé, ASSOS, GORE, Castelli, Nalini, Sportful and more. You are sure to find what you are looking for!

Do you have questions about road cycling jerseys?

What is a road bike jersey?
Jerseys made for speed fans have a very sporty cut, are made of functional fabric and have a cycling-specific fit to ensure optimal freedom of movement and low air resistance during the ride.
How should a road cycling jersey fit?
A road cycling jersey should fit closely to the body, but should not restrict mobility. The front of the jersey is sometimes cut slightly higher, which helps that area sit well when riding. Above all, the sporty cut should keep the material from flapping around, which gives you an aerodynamic advantage.
What features does a road bike jersey have?
This type of bike jersey often has an extended back section that covers your lower back in the bent position on the road bike. Silicone nubs or strips on the hem ensure that the jersey does not slip easily. The neckline is narrow, which ensures that you don’t have to deal with wind or insects getting under your jersey. Often road cycling jerseys have reflective elements and pockets on the lower back where you can stow energy bars, your phone or a windbreaker.
What type of pockets should a road cycling jersey have?
Characteristic of a road cycling jersey are the back pockets, usually three of them, which are usually used for energy bars or gels. Of course, you can also store extra racing clothing such as a wind jacket or wind vest in these pockets. Some cyclists also keep a small air pump there. In addition, some models have another zipped pocket that can be used for very important items such as your smartphone, keys or money.