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Cycle jerseys and bike shirts


Do you have questions about cycling jerseys?

Why do I need a cycling jersey?
Unlike a normal cotton T-shirt, cycling jerseys are made of functional fabrics that absorb moisture from the body, transfer it to the outside or pass it on to the next layer. This way the material dries quickly again. Cycling jerseys also have the advantage that they usually fit close to the body and therefore do not flap in the wind.
Which cycling jersey is right for me?
Cycling jerseys should offer you an optimal fit and functionality depending on the situation. Before buying a cycling jersey, you should ask yourself how often you use your bike and for which season you are looking for a cycling jersey. Lightweight jerseys made of breathable materials are ideal for summer, while insulating thermal jerseys are ideal for colder temperatures. It is also matters whether you are a passionate mountain biker or road cyclist. While speed is what counts on a road bike, maximum freedom of movement is what counts on a mountain bike.
What fit and cut do I need for my cycling jersey?
When it comes to the right size and fit of cycling jerseys, your cycling discipline is often the deciding factor. Cycling jerseys can be close-fitting or casual. Tight cycling jerseys are mostly worn by road cyclists, the loose cycling jerseys are preferred by mountain bikers. You should always try on the jerseys in a cycling position. They often feel too tight when standing, but fit when bent over with the hands on the handlebars.
What sleeve length do I need for my cycling jersey?
Cycling jerseys come with long sleeves, short sleeves, and sleeveless. When choosing the sleeve length, the weather situation and season are decisive. In summer, a short-sleeved version is recommended; in winter, long-sleeved models provide more warmth.