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Children’s cycling pants – casual cycling shorts or tight-fitting cycle tights especially for kids

No matter whether your kid wants to let off some steam on the road bike after school or ride through the forest with friends at the weekend – comfortable cycling trousers are indispensable for success and fun on the bike. Anyone who has ever spent a few hours in the saddle wearing jeans will be able to confirm how important comfortable cycling pants with only a few seams and a shock-absorbing padded liner are. Therefore, we have put together detailed advice for choosing the right pair of cycling pants for kids.

Our range includes a large selection of children’s cycling shorts, bib shorts and tights for girls and boys in all standard sizes, colours and price ranges from popular brands such as ROSE, Gonso, VAUDE, Löffler and FOX. Discover the choice of children’s cycling pants in the ROSE online shop!

Cycling pants for MTB kids

For kids who love trail riding or working on their skills in bike parks, there are special kids’ MTB trousers as well as kids’ bike shorts with a material and features that are specially adapted to young riders.

An important aspect for MTB shorts and MTB pants is that they should be built tough. As kids rush past branches or thorny bushes, their trousers should be durable enough not to tear. Therefore, bike shorts and pants are made from particularly durable material, that withstands the impact of cuts and crashes. Reinforcements in the seat area provide even higher durability and minimise premature wear. Triple seams are another practical feature, increasing the textiles’ stability at the seams.

Depending on the area of use, kids’ mountain bike shorts and pants should also provide some protection from water. Therefore, many manufacturers treat their textiles with a surface coating, which seals the material and thus makes it dirt- and water-resistant. Spray and mud won’t harm these kind of trousers. However, a surface coating loses its functionality over time and will make the mountain bike shorts sensitive to water and dirt again.

MTB pants and shorts with a waterproof membrane offer permanent protection from water. This membrane is a fine plastic layer that is integrated in the fabric in order to prevent water and wind from entering. At the same time, the microscopically small perforations in the layer allow water vapour created during sweating to escape. This means that the pants remain breathable.

Depending on the model, the kids’ cycling shorts and pants in our range come with removable liner shorts and integrated chamois. These can be removed if required and offer thus young riders the possibility to decide whether or not they want to ride with a padded liner. MTB shorts can of course also be combined with all cycling underpants.

For kids who love downhills and freeriding, we even offer some special kids’ downhill pants. These are long downhill MTB trousers made from particularly resistant material and reinforcements in critical areas. Ideal for kids, who love to ride at high speeds in bike parks!

Some riders want a padded liner, others don’t. There are kids who love riding with a chamois as thick as possible, ensuring shock absorption and high comfort even on sporty saddles. Other kids however, prefer riding with a chamois as thin as possible or none at all, in order not to be restricted in their movements. Our range includes children’s cycling trousers with different seat pads – from wide to slim, thick to thin – you are sure to find the right chamois with the appropriate level of cushioning here!

Children’s road trousers for speed lovers

When young riders eat miles on their road bikes, road trousers are an essential part of their cycling gear. Perfectly fitting cycle tights with shock-absorbing padded liner make sure that the kids have fun on long distances as well and can remain focused on their performance.

Our range therefore includes special children’s cycling tights. These are made fromelastic functional material. This material has got the advantage that the tights follow your movements ideally and thus will not restrict your freedom of movement in the saddle. What’s more, the functional fibres guarantee high breathability. Excess heat and moisture are wicked off to the outside and left to evaporate. Thus, it leaves a pleasantly dry feeling on the skin.

Moreover, an integrated padded liner ensures comfort on long distances and sporty tours. There is a huge choice of padded liners available and whether you prefer a thick or a thin liner totally depends on your preferences. Some kids love riding with very thick liners that absorb all road shocks and vibrations. Other kids, however, prefer only a very thin chamois, which leaves them more freedom of movement in the saddle. Simply try it out. If you need advice, our experts will be happy to help you find the right chamois.

Besides classic cycling shorts or tights, there are also bib shorts and bib tights available. Bib shorts and bib tights have got the advantage that they stay in place. No slipping, no pinching in the stomach area. Children’s bib shorts fit perfectly without slipping. If the jersey rolls up when wearing cycling shorts, the sensitive kidney area is easily exposed. Young riders run the risk of cooling out. Children’s bib shorts or tights for road cycling have a higher back in order to protect the sensitive kidney area – even if the jersey rolls up.

Cycling trousers for summer – here is what you should pay attention to

In summer, most cyclists use cycling shorts or bib shorts made from elastic and breathable technical material or casual bike shorts for extra ventilation. These light cycling shorts guarantee ideal ventilation on hot days as well. For pleasantly dry comfort on your rides.

Cycling trousers for winter – here is what you should pay attention to

Kids who love riding their road bike in winter, too, should make sure to dress up warm! The ROSE product range therefore contains some children’s thermal cycling trousers with insulating technical material, warming lining, high back and long legs. These will keep young riders pleasantly warm on cool days as well.

Between seasons, cycling shorts can also be combined with leg warmers or knee warmers. These offer light protection from the cold and can be pulled on and off as you like, matching the conditions you are riding in. Please find our selection of leg warmers and knee warmers here.

With these practical tips, it should be no problem finding the right kids’ MTB shorts or shorts for road cycling. Whether you are looking for winter tights or summer shorts, suitable for short or long tours – young riders are sure to find the right trousers for their intended use in the ROSE online shop. If you have questions or need more advice, please feel free to contact our experts anytime. We will be happy to help you find the perfect cycling trousers for your young ones!

Our range includes a large selection of children’s cycling shorts, bib shorts and tights for girls and boys in all standard sizes, colours and price ranges from popular brands such as ROSE, Gonso, VAUDE, Löffler and FOX. Discover the choice of children’s cycling pants in the ROSE online shop!