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    Sprint finish! Finale sale!

    20% off jerseys and nutrition  

    To make sure you are also perfectly prepared for sprinting, we offer you a 20% discount on selected jerseys and nutrition products. Have you benefited from our promotional offers and are you ready for your very personal racing career? Then it’s time to start!
    POC Cannondale-Drapac team jersey

    Ride like a pro – with the Cannondale-Drapac team jersey, you can be close to your heroes. The sporty cycling jersey with team design stands out for its technical fabrics, its tight fit and...

     744,23 dkk 547,13 dkk

    The ALÉ TEAM AXEON 2017 jersey with ergonomic fit and breathable fabrics. A soft silicone waistband ensures that the jersey does not ride up. A modern and stylish jersey for pure performance...

     595,31 dkk 312,88 dkk

    The GRUPPETTO PRO TEAM JERSEY is perfect for long tours on your road bike in spring or early summer. The anatomic cycling jersey with a longer back panel and flexible stretch panels on the shoulders...

     594,94 dkk 383,25 dkk
    Castelli TEAM SKY PODIO jersey

    The Castelli TEAM SKY PODIO jersey offers excellent moisture management and breathability for high comfort. Details: • Light cycling jersey made from breathable stretch fabric • Long front zip •...

     595,31 dkk 437,97 dkk
    Castelli TEAM SKY CLIMBERS 2.0 jersey

    When developing the Castelli TEAM SKY CLIMBERS 2.0 jersey, the focus was primarily placed on low weight and good cooling properties for hot days. Thanks to its 3D fabric, the jersey offers optimum...

     669,77 dkk 461,43 dkk
    ROSE RETRO II cycling jersey

    The ROSE RETRO II cycling jersey offers a trendy look and functional materials. Breathable, comfortable and with additional mesh inserts for even more ventilation – the ideal combination for your...

    547,13 dkk
    Löffler VICTORY FZ jersey

    With the LÖFFLER PRO VICTORY FZ jersey, victory is within reach. Lightweight, breathable, close-fitting – the perfect combination for your race. Details: • Close-fitting jersey made from light...

     669,77 dkk 429,78 dkk
    SHIMANO PRINT short-sleeved jersey

    The SHIMANO PRINT short-sleeved jersey is a must-have for SHIMANO fans. Silicone grippers at the back prevent the bottom hem from riding up and the reflective elements make sure that you will be seen...

     446,39 dkk 234,25 dkk

    Discreet and classically beautiful – the HIGH END jersey by ROSE is an elegant eye-catcher for every outfit. Made from breathable fabric and equipped with plenty of features, this shirt stands out for...

     595,31 dkk 586,22 dkk
    ROSE RETRO 1907 jersey

    Timeless – the ROSE RETRO 1907 jersey celebrates the long family tradition. More than 100 years of experience and passion for cycling. Be part of history! Details: • Cycling jersey made of...

     483,62 dkk 312,43 dkk

    Catch me if you can - the ROSE CHASE women's jersey by ROSE is not only a true eye-catcher on the road. Ride at full speed, outpace your opponents and be the first to reach the finish line - this...

    625,32 dkk

    The ROSE BLACK TOP CYW jersey stands out for a simple, elegant look and high functionality. The shirt is breathable, feels pleasantly soft on the skin and comes with a total of four back pockets...

     520,85 dkk 468,88 dkk
    ROSE TOP CYW short-sleeved jersey

    With the short-sleeved ROSE TOP CYW jersey you'll set new standards – regarding to fashion as well as regarding to functionality. Apart from the unique ROSE design, numerous functional details turn...

    547,13 dkk
    ROSE HIGH END jersey

    Thanks to its different fabric structures, the ROSE HIGH END jersey made in Europe offers a perfect fit and breathability. With its silicone grippers, the jersey stays where it should be. Details: •...

     558,08 dkk 468,88 dkk

    Highly functional material mix, raglan sleeves, small stand-up collar, flat seams, mesh insert under the arms and at the sides, longer back, wide, siliconised hems on waist and sleeves, full-length...

     520,85 dkk 312,43 dkk
    ROSE LIGHT PRO short-sleeved jersey

    The ROSE LIGHT PRO jersey is always the right choice to start a tour with. Details: • light, fast-drying functional material • full-length front zip • raglan sleeves • silicone bottom hem •...

     371,85 dkk 312,43 dkk
    Xenofit competition drink powder

    Xenofit competition - the isotonic carbohydrate drink especially for longer endurance units - contains a well-balanced mixture of carbohydrates, sodium and vitamin-B complex for all longer sports...

     43,93 dkk 39,17 dkk Basispris:  186,50 dkk / kg
    Xenofit carbohydrate gel

    The fruity Xenofit gel contains a highly concentrated carbohydrate mix and, in addition, the precious ingredients of mate tea. Mate provides among others natural caffeine. For extreme workouts, you...

    7,37 dkk Basispris:  294,86 dkk / kg
    Xenofit carbohydrate bar

    The Xenofit carbohydrate bar - 6 flavours With its optimized composition of carbohydrates, fat and protein, this carbohydrate bar fulfills modern demands on a carbohydrate bar for sports. The...

     13,40 dkk 11,76 dkk Basispris:  173,01 dkk / kg
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    Xenofit carbohydrate gel drink

    The fast carbohydrate gel drink in three flavours. Ideal during sports. Xenofit carbohydrate gel drink is more liquid than Xenofit carbohydrate gel and allows fast consumption, without having to drink...

     14,52 dkk 11,32 dkk Basispris:  188,63 dkk / l
    flere varianter tilgængelig
    Xenofit Xenofit® Potassium, Magnesium + Vitamin C drink powder

    Potassium and magnesium are important for the electrolyte balance, muscle and nerve functions. Ideal after exercise and heavy sweat loss. 1 mineral drink (150 ml) provides 430 mg potassium, 180 mg...

     58,82 dkk 55,70 dkk Basispris:  464,14 dkk / kg
    Squeezy gel bottle

    · gel with carbohydrates · lactose-free · GEL (maltodextrine and fructose) · SUPER GEL (maltodextrine and glucose) · single-hand operation and recloseable · bottle à 125 ml (refillable) Basic price 1...

     40,21 dkk 33,95 dkk Basispris:  271,63 dkk / l
    Squeezy gel refill bottle

    · Gel with carbohydrates · GEL (maltodextrine and fructose) · SUPER GEL (maltodextrine and glucose) · Lactose-free · Refill bottle of 500 ml Gel innovations - for 27 years! Made in Germany! Whether...

     122,86 dkk 110,50 dkk Basispris:  221,00 dkk / l
    Squeezy Energy Bar / Super Bar, 50 g

    The lactose-free Squeezy carbohydrate bar is made for the special requirements of athletes. The Power Snack is soft and thus easy to chew, does not stick and has a fruity, fresh flavour. It is...

    11,76 dkk Basispris:  235,29 dkk / kg
    Squeezy gel single sachet 33 g

    · Gel with carbohydrates · GEL (maltodextrin and fructose) · SUPER GEL (maltodextrin, glucose and caffeine) · Free from gluten and lactose Gel innovations - since 30 years! Made in Germany! Whether...

     11,09 dkk 10,42 dkk Basispris:  261,74 dkk / kg
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    Squeezy drink gel and super drink gel 60 ml

    Squeezy gel innovations - since 27 years! Made in Germany! Now also available as a drink gel - no drinking required afterwards. · gel with carbohydrates · GEL (maltodextrin and isomaltulose) · SUPER...

     13,33 dkk 12,14 dkk Basispris:  202,28 dkk / l
    Squeezy Energy Organic Bar fruit bar

    The Sqeezy Organic Bar combines fruits and nuts to offer a delicious taste adventure. The bar is pleasantly soft so that it is easy to chew during sports. Details: • Carbohydrates bar with fruits...

    16,08 dkk Basispris:  402,08 dkk / kg

    0,00 dkk
    Squeezy Protein Energy Bar protein-carbohydrate bar

    The Protein Energy Bar is a protein-carbohydrate bar by Squeezy that has been especially developed for recovery after sports. Details: • 1x 50g bar • Carbohydrate and protein bar with vanilla flavour...

     14,82 dkk 12,51 dkk Basispris:  250,19 dkk / kg

    0,00 dkk
    Multipower Multicarbo gel

    · Gel with maltodextrin and fructose · Extra sodium · Suitable for vegetarians · Suitable for vegans · Aspartame-free · 1 x 40 g gel Please click on the black button below for ingredients and...

     13,33 dkk 11,76 dkk Basispris:  294,12 dkk / kg
    Multipower L-Carnitine Liquid ampoule

    L-carnitine is mainly found in muscle cells, as well as in the heart and brain and may decrease with advancing age. The Multipower L-Carnitine Liquid ampoule supplies your body with L-carnitine. It...

     16,38 dkk 11,76 dkk Basispris:  470,59 dkk / l

    0,00 dkk

    0,00 dkk
    Multipower 53% Protein Bar

    The Multipower 53% Protein Bar is coated with milk chocolate and intended for consumption after sports. However, the bar is also ideal as a snack for in-between. · 53% protein · 27g protein per...

     18,54 dkk 13,48 dkk Basispris:  269,55 dkk / kg
    Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein sports drink

    Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein offers 80% high-quality protein from three different sources - whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate. By using Isolate as the primary source, each serving...

     126,51 dkk 103,50 dkk Basispris:  230,00 dkk / kg
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    Multipower Formula 80 Protein Complex powder

    Formula 80 contains 4 protein components from milk and egg. Thanks to its qualities as a multi-component protein (whey, caseine, egg white), Formula 80 can be consumed at any time of the day. The whey...

     148,85 dkk 120,92 dkk Basispris:  237,10 dkk / kg
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    Multipower Power Layer protein bar

    30% protein bar with 3 delicious layers of delicate caramel cream, peanuts and a coating of maltitol milk chocolate. The bar is perfect for use after training or as a protein snack for in-between. ·...

     18,54 dkk 12,58 dkk Basispris:  251,68 dkk / kg
    Dextro Energy
    Dextro Energy IsoFast drink powder

    The Dextro Energy Sports IsoFast is a hypotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink that can contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during long training sessions thanks to its special...

     8,04 dkk 112,66 dkk Basispris:  147,59 dkk / kg
    Dextro Energy
    Dextro Energy Liquid Gel

    The Dextro Energy liquid gel is a concentrate with short-chain carbohydrates which ensures a fast availability in the body. It is suitable for the phase during sports. Thanks to the liquid form, it's...

     14,82 dkk 13,92 dkk Basispris:  232,07 dkk / l
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    Dextro Energy
    Dextro Energy iso drink powder

    The iso drink by Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink. The fruity and tangy drink is available in the flavours citrus fresh, orange fresh and red berry. Can...

     52,05 dkk 47,43 dkk Basispris:  107,80 dkk / kg
    Dextro Energy
    Dextro Energy drink powder Recovery Drink

    The Recovery Drink is a carbohydrate-protein drink that is particularly suited for the consumption after endurance training. It has a carbohydrate : protein mix of 3:1. Additionally contains 10...

    69,17 dkk Basispris:  236,92 dkk / kg
    Dextro Energy
    Dextro Energy protein crisp bar 50 g

    The Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition Protein Crisp can be eaten as a protein bar after the training or as a light snack. With a protein content of 30%, it supports the muscles and contributes to the...

     11,09 dkk 10,87 dkk Basispris:  217,42 dkk / kg
    Dextro Energy
    Dextro Energy Zero Calories effervescent tablets

    The Zero Calories effervescent tablets by Dextro Energy can be dissolved in water and – thanks to the minerals contained – they can be used to restore a balance in your mineral and liquid supply. As...

     25,99 dkk 25,24 dkk Basispris:  315,52 dkk / kg
    Clif Bar
    Clif Bar CLIF Bar

    This Clif Bar on oat basis can be recommended for sports activities or as a little snack in between. It consists of a mixture of carbohydrates, fibres and proteins. The bar contains no trans-fatty...

     11,91 dkk 12,96 dkk Basispris:  190,53 dkk / kg
    flere varianter tilgængelig
    Vitargo gel with caffeine

    Vitargo gel supplies your body with carbohydrates during training and competition. The gel contains amylopectin barley starch, a carbohydrate with long molecular chains. Details: • 45 g carbohydrate...

     12,66 dkk 10,95 dkk Basispris:  243,24 dkk / kg
    *The offer is valid until 26.07.2017 and only while stocks last. The prices shown already include the discount.

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