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Rotor 3D30 INpower crank-based power meter

Varenummer: 224287702


It's the INner values that count! As the electronics are integrated inside the axle, the INpower is completely shock-resistant and waterproof. The ROT... Yderligere information

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It's the INner values that count! As the electronics are integrated inside the axle, the INpower is completely shock-resistant and waterproof. The ROTOR INpower technology with integrated power measurement will improve the quality of your training as well as your experience. It is one of the lightest cranks with integrated power measurement and represents the perfect entry into power-based training. Well protected from shocks and contamination, the electronics are placed in the centre of the axle to ensure a precise and reliable data transfer. By measuring your power within a pedal stroke, the OCA (optimum chainring angle) system helps you to find the perfect OCP set-up (optimum chainring position) of oval Q-rings (not included). Data is smoothly transferred to a compatible end device such as the Garmin Edge 1000 via ANT+. The standard AA battery can be removed and replaced easily without any tools. The UBB bottom bracket philosophy allows you to combine the crank system with different frame standards:

· Bold circle diameter: 110 mm/5-arm
· Material: aluminium 7055, hollow forged
· ANT+ data transfer to bike computer or GPS device, e.g. Edge 1000 (item no.: 2097310)
· Measurement of cadence (without magnet), power in watts (Ø, max.), torque effectiveness (ratio of average torque to maximum torque in %), pedal smoothness (smooth pedal stroke); as the INpower measurement technology measures the power transfer to the left side, the left/right power balance is determined based on the values measured
· INpower software to optimize your performance and to adjust the Q-ring position, available for free on (Please note: The PC/laptop you would like to use the software with should have an ANT+ interfacem an ANT+ dongle is not included. An ANT+ dongle such as item no.: 2098276 is also required for firmware updates.)
· Fast and easy calibration without tools
· Without battery, you wil need an AA/RL6 battery
· Resistant to temperature changes and waterproof
· Chainline: 43,5 mm
· BB30 axle with Ø 30 mm
· Compatible with the following frame standards: BSA (68 mm, 1,37 x 24 mm) and ITA (70 mm, 26 x 24 mm) you'll need the optionally available bottom bracket with item no. 2104328, Pressfit BB 86 (86.5 x 41 mm) item no. 2097143, PF 30 (68 x 46 mm), BB 386 Evo (86 x 46 mm), BB Right (79 x 42 mm or 79 x 46 mm) item no. 2111054 - BB 30 (68/73 x 42 mm) directly without bottom bracket cups, compatible bottom brackets optionally available
· Weight: approx. 562 g (170 mm)
· Including: Crankset incl. chainring bolts, WITHOUT chainrings and WITHOUR bottom bracket

· Manufacturer's ref.:
170 mm: ROCKIP3D30SC170BB
172,5 mm: ROCKIP3D30SC172BB
175 mm: ROCKIP3D30SC175BB



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