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The versatile, carbon companion for your travels

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Your frame size

Your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size



Landevej/Gravel Skridtlængde x 0,66 = Stelstørrelse i cm
MTB Skridtlængde x 0,226 = Stelstørrelse i tommer
Skridtlængde x 0,61 = Stelstørrelse i cm
Skridtlængde x 0,24 = Stelstørrelse i tommer
Skridtlængde x 0,61 = Stelstørrelse i cm
Skridtlængde x 0,24 = Stelstørrelse i tommer
Skridtlængde x 0,885 = Sadelhøjde på alle cykeltyper

Hvis du befinder dig mellem to størrelser, har du to valgmuligheder; Vælg den mindre størrelse, hvis du ønsker en mere livlig og mere racy, position, eller vælg den større for en mere rolig og komfortabel kørestilling.

Se vores video, og få skridt-fo-skridt instruktion om, hvordan du finder den rette stelstørrelse. Vi forklarer dig, hvordan du nemt måler din skulderbredde, din skridtlængde, og din armlængde. Har du yderligere spørgsmål omkring størrelser, kan du altid kontakte vores eksperter!

Se den matchende video!

28.947,00 kr.

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  • Built in Bocholt, Germany
  • Best quality for the best price
  • 6-year Crash Replacement on ROSE frames and ROSE forks

No more compromises! The BACKROAD RANDONNEUR is reporting for duty and there’s nothing it can't do! You won’t need to decide between fitness or touring, road or off-road, comfort and functionality or performance, because with this bike you get all that in one stylish package! Get it now and go gravel!

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    10,5 kg*
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Convincing shifting performance

Gravel goes travel – The GRX 810 groupset by Shimano, which is specially developed for gravel bikes, is a real all-rounder. Covering the space between MTB and road bike gears, it provides the Backroad with performance and reliability on every ride.

backroad randonneur-grx810-f2

A versatile, practical adventurer

Equipped with a luggage rack, mudguards and diverse attachment points, this bike is the perfect useful companion. So nothing stands in the way of bikepacking adventures, epic shopping trips and eventful commutes to work. A Rose D-Shape seatpost and an Ergon SMC40 saddle provide uncompromising comfort.

Minimalist & visible

See and be seen. A front and a rear light by B+M make sure you are visible any time of the day. Small and discreet, yet with enormous lighting power at the rear. A power of 100 lux and a steady light function at the front make this bike a versatile companion.

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    A randonneur is the grand seigneur among racing bikes: cultivated, universally interested, and open-minded. Its versatility opens up new possibilities: fitness or touring, streets or off-roading, with luggage or without - it is all up to you. We have perfectly equipped the frame so that it functions everywhere. Countless attachment points allow the use of a rack and fenders, three bottle cages can also be mounted, as well as bags on the rack or top tube. Shimano’s GRX shifting system was developed for gravel and designed to handle especially heavy loads. Strong disc-brakes offer control and safety, especially while off-roading or during bad weather conditions. A 490 mm long D-shape seat post with 25 mm setback contributes significantly to the comfort. Illumination is provided by the high-quality lighting from Busch and Müller, while saddle and handles come from Ergon - for many hours of relaxing fun on the bike.

    * approx. 10,5 kg, may vary by +/- 5% due to manufacturing tolerances, weight for deepest purple frame, size 57 cm, without pedals

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