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Well-rounded wheels
The new ROSE carbon system wheels

Aerodynamic, super light yet exceptionally robust: For one and a half years, the developers at ROSE Bikes have been working on the new RC-FIFTY and RC-FORTY carbon wheels – now they are available!

With a weight starting from 1350 grams, the ROSE wheels are about 100 grams lighter than comparable high-end products – while promising superior aerodynamics as well. They are hand lanced by professional wheel builders and their finish is – typically ROSE – simply “made in Germany”. High-quality hubs of the brand Newmen guarantee uncompromising stiffness despite their record weight, the bearings are designed for durability. A modern rim shape with a rounded profile offers improved controllability, even in strong crosswinds. As the wheels are built for both disc and rim brakes and come in two depths of 37 and 47 millimetres, they can be used for all disciplines – from Gravel through to Race and Marathon. Moreover, they are suitable for everyday use, robust and tubeless ready. There’s no question about it: These wheels perfectly combine the trend towards wide tyres with a well-made rim without compromising on aerodynamics.

The price is unbeatable, too: The disc wheels are available for 1399 euros, the RC FIFTY version for rim brakes costs 1499 euros. ROSE Bikes grants a 2-year warranty on its wheels. What’s more, customers whose wheels are damaged in an accident or crash within the first 6 years, receive a 50% discount on a set of new wheels.