Polar Vantage
Multisport trainers for your wrist

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The new wearables for multisport and triathlon training Vantage V and Vantage M by Polar offer promising potential for recording, collecting and analysing fitness and performance data without external sensors. The smart GPS watches of Polar’s new Vantage series allow for optical wrist-based heart rate measurement – more accurate and reliable than ever before. Apart from the different-coloured LEDs of the heart rate sensor, the technology uses a skin sensor on the back of the watch to offer precise load information during high-intensity training sessions such as short intervals and hill sessions. Polar have even managed to equip the incredibly lightweight Vantage V watch with Running Power measurement. Based on the barometer and accelerometer data, the true output is calculated in watts and displayed in real time. These values are used in combination with personal data like age, body height and weight to determine the training load and recovery status in the Polar Flow software. A sharp colour display (with touchscreen on the V version) as well as five side buttons allow you to easily read and navigate the watch. Even though they are packed with lots of features and latest technologies, the two lightweights feel very comfortable on your wrist. The stylish, thin bezel of Polar’s Vantage feels good on your wrist and cuts a fine figure in daily life. With an incredibly long battery life when using GPS and heart rate measurement, the two multisport watches are perfect for activity tracking and training support on long distances.