Pirelli SCORPION™ MTB Tyres
Go Wild on Bike – with the new Pirelli SCORPION™MTB mountain bike tyres for your cross-country and trail adventures.

Pirelli is back

For more than two decades, things have been quite calm around the Italian tyre manufacturer in the bike industry. Now Pirelli is going on the offensive. After having presented their first new road bike tyres with the P ZERO™ Velo Series in 2017, they now launch the MTB tyres of the SCORPION™ line-up.

Motorsport enthusiasts will immediately see the parallels, because after all, Pirelli has remained true to itself in the choice of tyre names. Whereas the P ZERO™ models stand out for maximum road performance in the automotive sector and in road cycling, the SCORPION™ models rather prefer muddy rides off the road.

Motorsport Genes

Pirelli benefits from the experiences gained with their SCORPION™MX motorcycle tyres that have successfully been used in motocross for many years and brings them to the mountain bike with the SCORPION™ MTB tyres. Yet, there is also something else running like a golden thread through the performance-oriented tyre portfolio of the Italian brand – the colour coding to indicate the intended use.

The colour red of the SCORPION™MTB tyres stands for Hard Terrain (H). Their compact tread pattern with low-profile lugs offers low rolling resistance and high grip on hard and rocky terrain. Yellow marks the all-rounders and stands for Mixed Terrain (M) tyres. Thanks to their mid-profile lugs, they are perfect for use on varying terrain. Whether hard or soft, wet or dry. Blue stands for Soft Terrain (S) tyres that show best performance on loose and soft soils thanks to a deep tread and large gaps between the blocks.
Special Rear Specific Tires (R) are marked in green and feature a rear wheel specific tread pattern that offers low rolling resistance, high traction and excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. Their special rubber compound provides a level of durability that is equal to a front wheel tyre.

Grip, Damping, Puncture Resistance – Keep it Simple

The SCORPION™MTB tyres are characterised by a simple yet strong construction. All tyres feature the Pirelli SmartGRIP Compound all-round. It guarantees uncompromising traction in dry and wet conditions, and offers the same high performance as at the beginning even after several years of use.

For best stability and traction at low air pressure, the SCORPION™ 2.2; 2.2 LITE & 2.4 LITE tyres come with a flexible 120 TPI casing.

According to their intended use, the SCORPION™ 2.4 tyres feature a robust 60 TPI casing with a 120 TPI sidewall reinforcement for additional protection against punctures. Of course, all Pirelli SCORPION™MTB tyres are tubeless ready.

SCORPION™ MTB Lite: The Goodie for Weight Weenies

All Pirelli SCORPION™ MTB tyres, except the Rear Specific Tires, are also available in a Lite version which focuses on reduced rolling resistance and weight. This makes the Lite tyres perfectly suitable for all cyclists and racers who attach a high importance to weight reduction.

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