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Löffler celebrates
40 years transtex

The functional underwear classic transtex celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018. The transtex technology was developed by Löffler in 1978 in Upper Austria, where it is still knitted today. The unique knitting technology was continuously perfected during these 40 years and ensures the capillary action

that is necessary for perfect moisture-wicking properties.

transtex effectively wicks off moisture to the outside. This keeps your body dry and protects and warms it even during activities on cool or cold days. transtex consists of polypropylene; the double-layer winter models are combined with materials such as cotton/modal, Tencel or merino wool. The inside is always made from polypropylene. This lightweight synthetic fibre almost absorbs no moisture at all but transfers it to the outside instead. It dries extremely fast and thus keeps your body pleasantly dry.

As any other Löffler product, transtex underwear carries the Oeko-Tex 100 label. Löffler does not apply any chemical treatment or silver ions, which is particularly important for underwear as it is worn directly on the skin. The high-quality textile fibres of the latest generation are obtained from European quality suppliers. Löffler offers transtex underwear in different modelsfor every type of use and all temperature conditions.

The transtex secret of success:

  • High-quality textile fibres of the latest generation provide durable quality. They are purchased from European quality suppliers and of course absolutely non-toxic and harmless to health.
  • The unique knitting technology, which has been perfected over 40 years, ensures the capillary actions, which is necessary for perfect moisture-wicking properties.
  • Outstanding workmanship in Austria and decades-long experience guarantee a perfect fit, maximum freedom of movement and ideally placed flat seams.

transtex Hybrid

The innovative transtex Hybrid technology from their own knitting factory allows for different functional zones in a single piece of garment. For this, different materials are combined: polypropylene inside and a natural fibre mix with Tencel and cotton on the outside. All this to ensure a cool look, optimal moisture-wicking properties, insulation and elasticity for unrestricted movement. b>

transtex warm – the original with a new look

transtex warm is the classic, which comes with new, fresh colours this season. Sports underwear which combines moisture-wicking properties, evaporation and insulation ideally thanks to its unique, double-layer knitting technology made from polypropylene with cotton/modal. Strategically placed flat seams make sure that the underwear does not irritate your skin. transtex warm is underwear that is suitable for various types of sports.

transtex merino

The natural material merino has been an indispensable component of functional underwear for years. Whereas the polypropylene inside guarantees dry comfort, the next, odourless wool layer wicks off moisture and warms. The system to combine both materials works perfectly. Even during strenuous workouts, dry wearing comfort is ensured. Pure wool would only dry very slowly, as it absorbs moisture. p>

transtex light – year-round sports underwear

Sports underwear made from transtex light creates performance-increasing wearing comfort, especially during intense sports activities: The single-layer fabric wicks off moisture from the skin fast and stays dry and odourless – without any chemical additives. Also available in versions with Windstopper trim.