Get rid of mud and dirt!
How to clean your bike step by step

Those who love their bike love to clean it

It’s autumn. You are shredding gravel, field and forest paths on your gravel bike. Back home, you can’t wait to take a hot shower – and your bike could do with a shower, too. Dust, sand and mud are the biggest enemies of bicycle components – thus, it is all the more important to regularly wash off any dirt and give your bike the care it needs. It doesn’t take much.

The tutorial shows you how to clean your bike from mud, dust and dirt and sustainably care for it. Thus, you can enjoy riding your bike for a very long time!

To help you take perfect care of your bike, we have listed all product highlights for bicycle cleaning and care below. Here you’ll find our product recommendations to properly clean and care for your bike during the gravel season.

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