Dextro Energy iso drink powder

The iso drink by Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition is an isotonic carbohydrate-electrolyte drink. The fruity and tangy drink is available in the flavours...

Model: Orange Fresh

43,08 kr. Normalpris: 97,91 kr. / kg

Dextro Energy drink powder Recovery Drink

The Recovery Drink is a carbohydrate-protein drink that is particularly suited for the consumption after endurance training. It has a carbohydrate : p...

Model: tropical

fra9,57 kr. Normalpris: 21,75 kr. / 100g

ultraSPORTS ultraPro Bar 50% protein bar

For those who train hard for marathons, cycle races or triathlons, the ultraPro protein bar by ultraSPORTS offers the daily extra portion of protein t...

Model: lemon-coconut

17,22 kr. Normalpris: 34,44 kr. / 100g


AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement

The AMFORMULA Vital & Diet meal replacement offers the perfect basis for weight control. A huge choice of sweet and savoury flavours offers variety fo...

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148,30 kr. Normalpris: 302,65 kr. / kg

AMSport AmSport Hydration Elektrolytes effervescent tablets

During intensive sport activities where you sweat a lot, you lose important electrolytes your body needs for liquid regulation. The AMSPORT Fast Hydra...

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42,65 kr. Normalpris: 47,39 kr. / 100g

Vitargo Gel

Vitargo gel supplies your body with carbohydrates during training and competition. The gel contains amylopectin barley starch, a carbohydrate with lon...

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10,96 kr. Normalpris: 24,36 kr. / 100g