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More speed, more endurance, more performance – the new TEAM GF 4 causes a stir in the marathon world. Superior in speed, it offers profitable comfort. A comfortable riding position helps you save energy and ride at a rapid pace for a long time. It is based on our successful XEON TEAM CGF which has achieved numerous test victories in diverse cycling magazines. An aerodynamic tube shape pays off on long distances. It is our modern classic that cuts a perfect figure in gran fondo races. It is made with the pioneering E.P.S. carbon technology. Thus, we could realize a very lightweight, yet torsionally stiff frame. Moreover, the TEAM GF 4 follows the trend towards wider tyres to make the bike as versatile as possible. A true all-rounder that pushes you as far as the wheels will carry you!

TEAM GF 4 – Marathon as a Passion