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    Fatbike – the allrounder for amazing riding fun!

    May we introduce THE TUSKER? It’s our bike of the month! This month, it’s all about the topic of fatbikes. What are these trendy bikes capable of? When should you rely on the concentrated power of a fatbike? When would a classic mountain bike be a better choice for you? Convince yourself of the versatility of these extraordinary bikes here!
    They were developed for especially demanding terrain, where a standard bike simply has to give up. A fatbike will particularly show its full potential whenever trails cannot be found anymore. This really is a true off-road monster. Whether in snow, deep mud, on a sand beach, gravel or untouched forest soil with large roots and bumps – the fatbike feels good in extreme situations. The reason for this are large-volume tyres with a big tread and a profile with extra strong grip. The traction arising from this allows for particularly good handling, agility and great braking behaviour.
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    My Soul is on Fire

    David Cachon - La Fenasosa

    Something that started as a simple Enduro ride ended up being an adventure of Freeride.

    I have always been considered a quiet and simple guy, who enjoys the simple things in life, though occasionally I give up a few quirks that make me feel a little happier. ... læs videre

    11.03.2016 | 0 Kommentarer

    The new ROSE SOUL FIRE freerider



    The category of freeride bikes has developed significantly in recent years. While this category exclusively included robust bikes that tend to have a lot of travel in the past, there is now a clear trend towards versatility, technologically sophisticated details for individual setups and significantly lower weights. As I’m a big fan of versatile long-travel bikes myself, it was a real pleasure for me as an engineer to develop the new ROSE SOUL FIRE. 

     ... læs videre

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    2016 SOUL FIRE – A test of the freerider



    For 2016, ROSE launched a new SOUL FIRE to offer freeride enthusiasts a bit more freeride action. At Eurobike 2015, everything already seemed quite promising and last week, I finally got the chance to put the new bike through its paces in the La Fenasosa bike park in Alicante, Spain. Of course, I had a camera with me to film the tyres cutting through the mud for the first time!

     ... læs videre

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    Hvad er PrimaLoft(R)?


    We explain the advantages of PrimaLoft® material.

    PrimaLoft® is perfectly suitable for performance clothing and accessories. It is an ultra-fine microfibre insulation material for cold-weather and all-season wear. PrimaLoft® is soft, lightweight and highly compressible, which means that it has a small pack size and is yet shape-retaining. ... læs videre

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