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    SRAM Guide Ultimate S4 rear wheel disc brake -2016-

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    SRAM Guide Ultimate S4 rear wheel disc brake -2016-

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    You spend your weekend in the bike park and again face the challenge to beat your best time or the best time of your toughest competitor. It's all about maximum speed and control when riding downhill. Because without controlling the speed, you won't be fast enough!
    For this, you need to be sure that you can rely on your braking unit in any situation.
    The Sram Guide Ultimate is a reliable partner for your plan. It is based on the proven Guide RSC model and features some clever innovations.
    The aluminium lever was replaced by a significantly ligher carbon brake lever, the bolts are now made of titanium.
    There were quite a few changes at the brake caliper, too. Here, the focus was on optimized heat dissipation (Heat Shield™) and the sealing and und return technology of the pistons.
    The bleeding procedure for the S4 brake caliper was also revised, Bleeding Edge™ creates a better connection to the brake caliper, which prevents air intake or fluid loss during bleeding.

    · Brake lever: Avid Guide Ultimate, carbon, can be mounted on both sides
    · Brake caliper: Avid Guide Ultimate S4, aluminium, 4-piston system (Ø: 2 x 14mm/ 2 x 16 mm)
    · Hose length: 1800 mm (trimmable)
    · Brake fluid: Avid DOT 5.1
    · Brake pads: organic with steel reinforcement
    · Weight: approx. 290 g (brake incl. MMX clamp)

    · 2-finger brake lever with divided clamp
    · Adjustable banjo for ideal cable guiding
    · Piggy Pack Reservoir
    · Pure Bladder regulates air bubbles inside and pumps them out
    · Tool-free lever and bite point adjustment
    · Lever joint bearings
    · Timing Port Closure: reliable and consistent braking performance thanks to new seals and bores in the brake lever, the reservoir is sealed at a certain position of the lever to build up pressure

    · For handlebar Ø: 22,2 mm
    · Incl. olive, insert, brake caliper fixing bolts, MMX clamp and Bleeding Edge™ bleeding kit

    Note: brake discs and adapters are not included.

    Manufacturer's ref. ice grey: 00.5018.030.003
    Manufacturer's ref. black: 00.5018.030.001

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    SRAM Guide Ultimate S4 rear wheel disc brake -2016-

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