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    SON hub dynamo 28 for 15 mm thru axle


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    32 hole
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    SON hub dynamo 28 for 15 mm thru axle 32 hole

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    Hub dynamo or thru axle?
    Up to now, demanding cyclists had to without either of the two options. A thru axle stiffens the suspension fork and allows for a precise positioning of the hub, which especially proves advantageous when using disc brakes. More and more mountain bikers want to benefit from the advantages a hub dynamo lighting system offers. In order to combine both aspects, Schmidt Maschinenbau not only had to change the axle design, but also some essential parts of the generator. The result: A hub dynamo that is similar to the SON 28 Disc with regards to design, robustness and electric values, but that comes with a thick "hole". With only approx. 460 g, the weight is also very low. The rated maximum power is achieved on a 29" bike at approx. 16 km/h. It is thus recommended to use this hub dynamo when you need a lot of light during slow rides or when you would like to charge other devices, such as a navigation device or a smartphone.
    · Suitable for a wheel size of 16" – 29"
    · 65% efficiency at 15 km/h on a 29" bike
    · Power in neutral: 0,5 watts at 15 km/h in a 29" bike (equivalent to an elevation of 12 cm over a distance of 1 km)
    · Mount for 15 mm thru axle
    · Hub sleeve made of aluminium 6082 T6
    · High-quality deep groove ball bearings
    · Double sealing of hub inside
    · Weight: approx. 460 g
    · 6-hole brake disc mount according to the international standard 2000
    · 6 volt, 3 watts
    · 32 hole
    · Hub width: 100 mm
    · Note: The hub dynamo is suitable for off-road use, yet not suitable for downhill sport or similar impacts. Radial lacing is not allowed.
    · Without overvoltage protection (nowadays, a large number of headlights and tail lights come with integrated overvoltage protection. When using a rack, you can also use the overvoltage protection SM-DH10 by Shimano, see item no.: 534215.)

    In order to prevent your lights from being permanently on, you will need a front light with a switch!


    15 x 100 mm

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    Har du et spørgsmål til varen?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Passt dieser ND an das neue Backroad Force?
    af Björn Kießling (skrevet på 26.12.2017)
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Ich habe eine 9mm QR Achse. Ist es moeglich diesen Nabendynamo damit zu verwenden? Ist es moeglich den Nabendynamo eingespeicht mit einer passenden Felge meiner Wahl zu kaufen? Gruesse Harald?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Jeg har en 9mm QR aksel. Er det muligt at bruge denne hub dynamo med det? Er det muligt at eger navdynamo at købe en matchende kant af mit valg? Hilsen Harald?
    af Harald Debertshaeuser (skrevet på 16.09.2016)
    {antwort_abgekuerzt}: Mit einer Adapterachse ist das möglich, allerdings bleibt die Frage wie stabil diese Lösung ist. Als Übergangslösung bis zu einer Gabel mit 15mm Ausfallenden würde ich erstmal so fahren.
    {antwort_abgekuerzt}: Med en adapter akse, der er muligt, men spørgsmålet er hvor stabil denne løsning. Som en midlertidig løsning, indtil en gaffel med 15 mm dropouts ville jeg først gå på den måde.
    af Willi (skrevet på 20.12.2016)



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    Variant 32 hole

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    Variant 32 hole

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    SON hub dynamo 28 for 15 mm thru axle

    32 hole
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