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    Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS bike computer

    SIGMA hat für jeden Biker den richtigen Fahrradcomputer. Die SIGMA ROX Serie bietet für ambitionierte Hobbyfahrer und Profisportler das passende Equipment. Der ROX GPS 11.0 ist dein Trainingstool für höchste Ansprüche, der ROX GPS 7.0 ist leicht zu bedien
    SIGMA ROX - THE NEW ROX GPS 7.0 & 11.0 SIGMA hat für jeden Biker den richtigen Fahrradcomputer. Die SIGMA ROX Serie bietet für ambitionierte Hobbyfahrer und Profisportler das passende Equipment. Der ROX GPS 11.0 ist dein Trainingstool für höchste Ansprüche, der ROX GPS 7.0 ist leicht zu bedien

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    Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS bike computer

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    In training or competitions you leave nothing to chance. For you, speed is not only a word and reliability is your top priority. The Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS bike computer perfectly meets those high demands and is a perfect partner for training and competitions. It offers all features of the Sigma ROX series as well as a large number of data for diverse challenges. The ROX 11.0 GPS will stay by your side when it's all about speed or when riding through the mountains in competitions or on long tours.
    However, your waterproof buddy not only features GPS track navigation, sports profiles or a variety of lap functions. It also shows you in graphics how successful you were - via Bluetooth Smart when connected to the Sigma Link app. Download Strava Live segments and face new challenges again and again.

    Bike functions:
    · Current/average/maximum speed (up to 199,8 km/h)
    · ETA display (=estimated time of arrival), timer (time/timer/distance)
    · Trip distance (max. 9.999,99 km)
    · Total kilometres (max. 99999 km, 199999 km in total, available via Data Center)
    · Trip time (max. 99:59:59 h)
    · Total time (max. 9.999:59 h)
    · Training time
    · Duration
    · Calories
    · Date and time
    · Current/minimum/maximum temperature
    · Current/average/maximum cadence (optional)
    · Current/average/maximum pedalling efficiency (optional)
    · Wheel size manually adjustable from 500 mm to 3999 mm

    Altitude functions:
    · Current altitude (range between -999 to +4999 m)
    · Uphill gradient in %
    · Current rate of climb in m/min
    · Graphical height profile
    · Metres uphill/downhill
    · Maximum altitude
    · Distance uphill/downhill
    · Training time uphill
    · Average speed uphill/downhill
    · Average rate of climb/downhill
    · Max. rate of climb/downhill
    · Average slope uphill/downhill
    · Maximum slope uphill/downhill

    Navigation functions:
    · Time to target
    · Estimated time of arrival
    · Distance to destination
    · Direction of travel
    · Track view

    Lap and auto-lap functions:
    · Max. number of laps: 5000
    · Lap time
    · Lap distance
    · Average/maximum speed per lap
    · Average/maximum height per lap
    · Metres uphill/downhill per lap
    · Average slope uphill/downhill per lap
    · Average climb rate/fall rate per lap
    · Averga balance per lap
    · Average/maximum power per current/last lap (optional)
    · Normalized Power in current/last lap (optional)
    · Average/maximum cadence per lap (optional)
    · Average/maximum heart rate per lap (optional)
    · Pedalling time/pedalling index in lap (optional)
    · List of laps
    · Average balance in automatic lap (optional)
    · Average power in automatic lap (optional)
    · Average power in last lap (optional)
    · Maximum power in last lap (optional)
    · Calories in lap

    Power functions (optional)
    · Current/average balance
    · 3/10/30 second average balance
    · Pedal Smoothness
    · Current/average/maximum power
    · Output in % FTP
    · 3/10/30 second average power
    · Intensity Factor (IF), Normalized Power (NP) or Training Stress Score (TSS)
    · Power in KJ
    · Power ratio watt/kg
    · Power zones
    · Torque Effectiveness (--% / --%)
    · Power target zone

    Heart rate functions (optional)
    · Minimum/current/maximum/average heart rate
    · Current/average % HFmax
    · Graphile representation of zones (heart rate/CAD/SPD), intensity zones and heart rate graph

    General functions:
    · GPS track navigation (transfer of trackes created in the Sigma Data center)
    · ANT+
    · Display of GPS accuracy
    · Full text display in 8 different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polnish, Spanish, Czech)
    · Digital 3-axis compass
    · Barometric altimeter
    · 3 sports profiles (incl. individual training views): road bike, mountain bike, others
    · Creation of individual training programmes
    · Waypoints with individual text
    · Log capacity of up to 1000 hrs
    · Display backlight
    · SRAM eTap
    · Shimano Di2 (Di2 battery charge indicator, efficiency, Di2 chainring, Di2 transmission, Di2 gears, Di2 sprockets)
    · Battery charge indicator (in percent)
    · Bracket for handlebar and stem (Ø 22-38 mm)
    · Waterproof according to IPX8

    Interface/memory functions:
    · Download of live segments from the online community Strava
    · Data communication via Sigma Link app via Bluetooth Smart and Sigma Cloud
    · Graphical data analysis in Sigma Data Center

    Functions Sigma Data Center:
    · Display of data and statistical evaluation based on kind of sport and person
    · Individual memory evaluation
    · Comparison of 2 individual memories
    · Overview of total values
    · Dashboard for a fast overview
    · Log View for graphical evaluation of training sessions
    · Display of defined time periods (week/month) with calendar, statistics or graphics
    · Sync manager
    · Printing of all evaluations
    · Note functions
    (SIGMA DATA CENTER software available for money on

    Including: Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS bike computer including 2x ROX GPS brackets, Micro USB charging cable, mounting material, quick-start manual and Sigma Data Center. The handlebar/stem holder fits Ø 22-38 mm. Suitable for all common bicycle forks.

    Replacement parts: Sigma power spoke magnet (item no.: 2192925), Sigma Micro USB cable (item no.: 1909966), Sigma USB charger (item no.: 2254609), Sigma ROX GPS handlebar bracket (item no.: 2254606), Sigma cadence magnet thin (item no.: 2120593).

    Manufacturer's ref. 01006 Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS black
    01007 Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS white


    4016224010066 (black)
    4016224010073 (white)
    01006 (black)
    01007 (white)

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    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Was genau ist im Lieferumfang enthalten? Wenn ich auch Herz- und Trittfrequenz möchte, muss ich dann zusätzlich etwas dazubestellen? Sind ein oder zwei Speichenmagneten dabei?
    af AH (skrevet på 08.08.2017)
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    {antwort_abgekuerzt}: Es gibt den Rox 11 ohne Sensoren, dann erfasst er die Geschwindigkeit mittels GPS und mit Sensoren, da ist ein Sensor für Herzfrequenz, Radfrequenz und Trittfrequenz dabei.
    af Jürgen (skrevet på 06.02.2018)
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Est-ce que les capteurs de cadence et vitesse du Roc 10 gps fonctionnent avec le roc 11gps ?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Er de hastigheds- og kadencesensorerne Roc 10 gps arbejde med 11gps sten??
    af Vincent Gavillet (skrevet på 08.05.2017)



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    Sigma ROX 11.0 GPS bike computer

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