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    Sigma BC 23.16 STS bike computer – wireless –


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    Sigma BC 23.16 STS bike computer – wireless –

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    Be perfectly happy with the Sigma Sport BC 23.16 bike computer. The flagship of the 2016 Sigma Topline series is the right choice for both hobby and pro athletes. It shows trip distance and average speed and even calculates your power in watts during extensive tours. When riding in the mountains, it also displays elevation gain, the current altitude up to 5000 metres max. as well as the currrent up- or downhill gradient.
    The sporty bike computer allows you to log as many tours as you wish with up to 500 hours - and for two different bikes. Moreover, you will always have your cadence and heart rate in view with the Sigma Sport BC 23.16. With the Sigma Link app and the Sigma cloud in the Sigma Data Center, you can perfectly analyse your sporting resulst. Choose a data record and compete against a virtual opponent in a ghost race.

    Bike functions:
    · Current speed (up to 199,8 km/h)
    · Trip distance (up to 9.999,9 km)
    · Average speed (comparison to current speed possible)
    · Maximum speed
    · Temperature display
    · Display of cadence, average and maximum cadence
    · Determines your power output (in watts) as well as the average power
    · Ghost Race feature

    Altitude functions:
    · Adjustable starting height (altitude measuring range of -999 to +4.999 m)
    · Graphical height profile
    · Current altitude
    · Current uphill/downhill gradient (in %)
    · Metres uphill/downhill (current tour)
    · Total metres uphill/downhill (bike 1 and bike 2)
    · Maximum altitude
    · Distance uphill/downhill
    · Total distance uphill/downhill (bike 1 and bike 2)

    Heart rate functions:
    · Set a heart rate goal (zone alert on/off)
    · Heart rate profile
    · Display of current, maximum and average heart rate
    · Heart rate zone graphic (in percentage of maximum heart rate)
    · 4 intensity zone graphic
    · Display of calories burned (based on heart rate) and total calories

    Lap functions:
    · Counter up to max. 50 laps
    · Lap view (detailed lap analysis)

    Logging functions:
    · Logging in 5-10-20 second interval max. 500 h
    · Logging altert when the remaining log time is less than 3 h
    · Logging data (activities)

    Time functions:
    · Trip time (up to 999:59:59 h)
    · Time (12/24 h)

    Total values:
    · Total time (bike 1 and bike 2 max. 9.999:59 h each)
    · Total kilometres (bike 1 and bike 2 max. 99.999 km each, not displayed while riding)

    General functions:
    · Full text display in 7 different languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polnish, Spanish)
    · Can be used for two bikes (automatically recognizes which bike you are using)
    · Wheel size manually adjustable from 500 mm to 3999 mm
    · Defined tyre sizes: 16“-18“-20“-22“-24“-26“-27“-27.5“-28“-29“-700C
    · Digital transmission with a reach of up to 90 cm for speed sensor
    · Display backlight
    · Training statistics over 12 months
    · Integrated memory chip saves data in case of a battery replacement
    · Battery charge indicator (memory and sensor)
    · Power Save/Sleep mode
    · Individual adjustments thanks to „My Name“ feature or „My Screen“ feature
    · Automatic start/stop (limited to 2 hours in stand-by mode)
    · Tool-free installation
    · Bracket for handlebar and stem (Ø 22-38 mm)
    · Waterproof according to IPX8

    Interface/memory functions:
    · Data communication via NFC technology with Android smartphone via Sigma Link app (installation on smartphone required)
    · UFSB compatible (individual, fast programming by specialist dealers via Sigma Universal Fast Setting Box)
    · Bike service interval adjustable for specialist dealers via UFSB
    · Data communication via Topline 2016 docking station (optional)

    Functions Sigma Data Center:
    · Display of data and statistical evaluation based on kind of sport and person
    · Individual memory evaluation
    · Comparison of 2 individual memories
    · Overview of total values
    · Dashboard for a fast overview
    · Log View for graphical evaluation of training sessions
    · Display of defined time periods (week/month) with calendar, statistics or graphics
    · Sync manager
    · Printing of all evaluations
    · Note functions
    (SIGMA DATA CENTER software available for money on

    Including: Sigma BC 23.16 STS bike computer (wireless), CR 2032 and CR 2450 batteries, STS cadence sensor kit, R1 STS COMFORTEX+ heart rate sensor, STS speed sensor, STS bracket 2450, power magnet, 2x O rings (Ø 35 mm, 45 mm) and manual. The handlebar/stem holder fits Ø 22-38 mm. Suitable for all common bicycle forks.

    Optional accessories and replacement parts: Sigma docking station Topline 2016 (item no.: 2251919), Sigma power spoke magnet (item no.: 2192925), Sigma cadence magnet (item no.: 2251918), Sigma STS bike 2 kit 2450 (item no.: 2251922), Sigma STS handlebar bracket 2450 (item no.: 2251929), Sigma STS speed sensor (item no.: 2251896), Sigma STS cadence sensor kit (item no.: 2251897), Sigma STS cadence sensor kit (item no.: 2251923), Sigma Comfortex+ chest strap incl. R1 transmitter (item no.: 1797592), Sigma Comfortex+ elastic strap for R1/R3 (item no.: 1737703), Sigma CR 2450 lithium battery (item no.: 1059216) and CR 2032 lithium battery (item no.: 483017).

    Manufacturer's ref. 02317

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    af Thomas Thomas Gewering-Peine
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    Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei. Die Reichweite der Sensoren reicht für eine Montag am Hinterrad. Einziges Manko: Man kann die Daten nur mit einem Android Smartphone auslesen.
    af Clay
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    Ansprechendes Design mit sehr gut ablesbarem Display. Hat alles was man braucht und noch mehr.
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