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    ROSE All2gether Pro Bike tool box

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    ROSE All2gether Pro Bike tool box

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    Are you a passionate hobby mechanic or would you like to become one soon?
    Then the All2gether Pro Bike repair box is just the right thing for you.
    The comprehensive contents offer you a very good and varied equipment if you would like to work on diverse bike models.
    Thanks to the broad range of tools, you will be perfectly equipped for current standards and for older ones as well.
    The robust case can also be carried along comfortably on tours etc., a snap closure avoids unintended opening of the case and a loss of the tools.
    After using the tools, they can be neatly clicked into the prefabricated pockets.

    1x chainring bolt tool with integrated nut wrench (9/10 mm) and 2-pin tool to mount/dismount integrated crank extractors (16.5 mm distance)
    3x composite tyre levers with flexible metal core
    1x chain whip to fit/remove the chain
    1x nipple wrench (3.2mm/3.3mm/3.5mm/4.0mm)
    1x cleaning brush
    1x 15 mm pedal wrench
    1x 8 mm hex wrench with ½” adapter for tools with ½” drive
    1x chain wear indicator for 7-11-speed chains with ½” pitch
    1x chain link pliers to open/join 8-/9-/10- and 11-speed chains with connecting link
    1x cable cutter for cables and cable casings (not suitable for hydraulic brake cables)
    1x crank cap tool for Shimano Hollowtech II cranks
    1x Shimano/Sram HG/IG lockring removal tool with ½” drive or 24 mm open-end wrench
    1x bottom bracket tool for Octalink, square and ISIS bottom brackets with internal gears, for 24 mm open-end wrenches or ½” ratchets
    1x chain rivet extractor for 7-/8-/9-/10- and 11-speed chains
    1x lockring removal tool for all 7-/8-/9-/10- and 11-speed cassettes, 17 mm box wrench and 2x15 mm pedal wrench
    1x bottom bracket tool for Hollowtech II or similar, as well as for SM BB9000/SM BB93 and SM BBR60
    1x star wrench L set (T-10/T-15/T-20/T-25/T-27/T-30/T-40/T-45/T-50)
    1x hex wrench L set (2 mm/2.5 mm/3 mm/4 mm/5 mm/6 mm)
    1x slotted screwdriver
    1x crank extractor for Octalink, square and ISIS bottom brackets
    1x Pressfit removal tool for Shimano Pressfit BB86/92 and BB30 bearing cups
    1x Pressfit fitting tool with threaded rod and press pistons for Shimano/Sram BB86/92 bearing cups and BB30/PF30 bearing cups
    1x torque wrench 2-24 nm (1/4”), incl. 3/4/5/6/8/10 mm hex and star T-20/T-25/T-30, 5 mm hex extension (8 cm)

    Total weight: approx. 5250 g

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    ROSE All2gether Pro Bike tool box

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