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    Race Face Turbine seat post

    Race Face

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    30,9 mm
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    Race Face Turbine seat post 27,2mm

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    Your off-road seat post: The Race Face Turbine does not only have a noble logo, but an equally high-quality finish as well. An anodised and shot-peened tube from heat-treated aluminium provides a minimum of weight and very high robustness for adventures on the trail.
    To exchange the saddle, you don't have to completely loosen the upper clamp plate of the seat post head anymore, because the Canadians from Race Face have integrated a clever 2-screw design.
    You can reach the strongly sloping screws facing into the head easily with a hex key. This assures a fast, uncomplicated adjustment and assembly.
    The lightweight seat post with its practical adjustment features and its solid finish is perfectly suited for fast cross-country rides.
    ´• suitable for 7/8 mm Ø metal rail tubes and 7/9 mm Ø carbon rail tubes
    • simple saddle installation without the need to disassemble the head
    • wide lower clamp plate supports lightweight saddle rails
    • slim upper clamp plate increases the area in which the saddle can be adjusted to the front or back
    • can be tilted 6° upwards and 12° downwards
    • minimum of weight for fast XC pilots
    • reinforced design at critical spots
    • the seat post has been 3D shaped and is made of heat-treated aluminium, which combines a low weight with robustness
    • the tube has been anodised and shot-peened to increase resistance
    Technical data:
    • tube diameter: 27,2 mm, 30,9 mm, 31,6 mm
    • length: approx. 400 mm
    • weight: approx. 260 g (30,9 mm)
    • material: heat-treated aluminium 2014 3D

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    Variant 27,2mm 30,9 mm 31,6mm

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    Variant 27,2mm 30,9 mm 31,6mm

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    Race Face Turbine seat post

    27,2mm 30,9 mm 31,6mm
    black black
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