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    Polar V800 sports watch

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    Polar V800 sports watch

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    Polar V800 — an advanced training computer, developed for professional and devoted athletes and for all those who consider sports as a part of life.
    The multisport feature allows you to switch between different kinds of sports which makes this watch suitable not only for cyclists, but also for swimmers and runners.
    The V800 is a sports watch with foresight that helps you understand your training load and recovery need. An integrated activity tracker tracks every movement by means of a speed sensor — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The heart rate data is saved as well. Based hereon, the recovery status can be determined (the Recovery status shows if you are physically ready for your next training), training plans can be changed or optimised — a virtual trainer in the form of a watch. The whole training system is composed of the following parameters: plan — train — analyse
    To be able to use the whole functionality of this watch, it is recommended to use the Polar Flow Webservice and the Polar Flow App.

    • weight: approx. 79 g
    • thickness: 12,7 mm
    • resolution: 128 x 128 pixels with up to four parameters in the display
    • scratch-proof and 30 m waterproof Gorilla glass
    • aluminium/stainless steel housing
    • fiberglass reinforced thermo housing
    • breathable and robust strap
    • backlight
    • rechargeable 350 mAh Li-pol battery
    • battery life: approx. 13 hours training time (training with GPS), approx. 50 hours in GPS low power mode
    • 99 hours memory capacity for training data with GPS and heart rate data
    • integrated SIRFstar IV GPS receiver
    • Bluetooth Smart Ready (4.0)
    • operation via five buttons
    • keylock
    • internal 8 MB memory

    Measuring features/training features:
    • heart rate (also in the water)
    • Polar OwnIndex Fitness Test that tells you exactly how your fitness is developing
    • Polar Sport Profile (makes a fast switch between different kinds of sports during training/competition possible)
    • Training Load (perfect management of training load and recovery time)
    • Polar OwnIndex Fitness Test
    • Polar OwnCal calories burned
    • Polar OwnZone – personal heart rate zone
    • target zones
    • training diary
    • weekly training history
    • Countdown and stop watch features
    • bike settings for 2 bikes
    • current/average/maximum
    • cadence-based target zones
    • bike settings for 2 bikes
    • current/average/maximum
    • distance-based interval timer and recovery measurement
    • distance
    • target zones
    • Speed Pointer
    • speed and distance
    • pace (min/km)
    • target pace/deviation from the target pace
    • daily kilometres
    • interval trainer
    • total distance/total calories burned/total training time
    • Jump test

    GPS features:
    • Back to start track navigation to the starting point of the training
    • track navigation to saved tracks
    • pace feature (target time for a special track)
    • Running Index (development of your running performance)
    • GPS energy saving mode
    • distance (training/lap/trip/total)
    • speed/pace (current/average/maximum)

    Altimeter and barometer features:
    • temperature
    • current altitude
    • ascent/descent (meters, degrees, percentage)

    Other features :
    • 13 languages (e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)
    • with the free Polar Flow App you can transfer your data to a Bluetooth Smart capable smartphone and analyse it
    • a data sync with the PC or Mac is possible via a USB cable (free via Polar Flow Webservice)
    • vibration and audio alerts
    • date/weekday indicator
    • time (12/24 h)
    • alarm and snooze function
    • dual time zone
    • training reminder

    Includes: Polar V800 sports watch and USB charging clip to charge and synchronise data.

    * Note: cadence, speed and running with Bluetooth Smart compatible transmitters optionally transferable!

    Polar Flow Webservice: compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 or later versions.



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    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Wat is de prijs van de polarv800 incl borstband en cadanssensor?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Hvad er prisen på polarv800 herunder brystbælte og kadencesensor?
    af Chris (skrevet på 06.06.2017)
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Y a t il la ceinture cardio fréquence mètres ?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Er der cardio bælte frekvens meter??
    af bihouee (skrevet på 28.09.2016)
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Ist der brustgurt notwendig für den Puls und den Kalorien Verbrauch,oder macht es diese v800 auch ohne brustgurt? Danke?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Hvis brystet seletøj nødvendige for puls og kalorieforbrug, eller gør det på denne V800 uden brystet seletøj? tak?
    af Jorge (skrevet på 18.09.2016)



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