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    Polar V650 HR GPS bike computer with heart rate sensor

    Mitte März 2016 hat das Team ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS zum Pressecamp auf Mallorca geladen. Die Journalisten und Blogger verbrachten ein paar Tage in einer Finca und trainierten mit den Profis. Dazu konnte die Presse die neuesten Produkte der Tea
    Team ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS - Press Camp 2016 Mitte März 2016 hat das Team ROSE Vaujany fueled by ultraSPORTS zum Pressecamp auf Mallorca geladen. Die Journalisten und Blogger verbrachten ein paar Tage in einer Finca und trainierten mit den Profis. Dazu konnte die Presse die neuesten Produkte der Tea

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    Polar V650 HR GPS bike computer with heart rate sensor

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    Your heart at a glance. With this set, consisting of the Polar V650 HR GPS bike computer and the H6 heart rate sensor, your training is even more effective now. In addition to a multitude of data and details about your individual training, as well as dozens of sport and user profiles, you can now also you’re your current heart rate displayed conveniently at the handlebar. Your heart rate data will be transmitted with encoding via Bluetooth Smart to the 2,8 inch large colour touch display on the cockpit of your bike. You will hardly notice your chest strap, as it fits securely and comfortably to your body.
    With this economical set, you get a comprehensive training system, which keeps you informed about your performances during and after your training. The built-in GPS keeps you updated about your speed, distance, location or your travelled route. What’s more, the built-in barometer informs you about descent, ascent, slope or temperature. All this data can be viewed in different, detailed statistics and graphics after completing your training. Moreover, you can make use of the Polar Flow app. The app allows you to share your training results with your friends in the community.

    Trainings features:
    • Route import: import routes to the Polar Flow web service from apps that support GPX or TCX files and use them for your route guidance
    • Display of beats/minute (S/min), as percentage of your maximum heart rate (% HR max) or as percentage of your heart rate reserve (% HRR)
    • Heart rate zones: Complete five different heart rated based training programmes, based on your max. HR
    • Power zones: Help you monitor your training intensity to achieve the optimal effects out of your training. Power zones are based on your watt power, you can define the zone limits yourself (Kéo Power Bluetooth Smart pedal set required)
    • ZoneLock: Target and lock a specific training zone during your training session. When you are out of the preset heart rate/speed/pace or power zones, the training computer will give a visual or audio alarm
    • ZonePointer: a moving symbol in zone display showing whether you are inside the desired target zone
    • Smart Calories: Calculates the number of calories expended, based on personal data such as weight, height, age, gender or how hard you’re training
    • Training benefit: Feedback is delivered straight to you after exercise, based on your training intensity and duration, the times in different intensity zones and the calories you have burned. The feedback is available for you in the training file of your bike computer and the Polar Flow app
    • Training load (available in Polar Flow web service): Calculates the load of your training based on your heart rate and individual data such as weight, age, gender or VO2max and training history
    • Recovery status (available in Polar Flow web service): Measures your personal recovery status via Polar wrist transmitter and display in four possible levels
    • Back to Start: Navigation to the starting point of your training in the shortest distance possible
    • Display of training or interim distance (in km or miles)
    • Display of current height, ascent or descent by means of GPS measurement and barometric air presssure sensor
    • More than 100 sports profiles can be recalled
    • Individually adjustable training displays (via Polar Flow web service)
    • Built-in GPS provides accurate speed and distance measurement
    • Built-in barometer
    • Free maps installed from OpenStreetMap
    • Use the recorded routes of other users for your route guidance (via Polar Flow web service)
    • Display of your current, average/maximum speed
    • Store your training history
    • Auto start/stop
    • Automatic/manual lap time measurement
    • Display of average elevation gain per hour

    Polar Flow web service:
    • Diary function with your complete training units, results, activities in daily, weekly or monthly view
    • Detailed display and analysis of the map view of your training route (with activated GPS)
    • Create a video with the highlights of your training route and share it with friends in the Polar Flow Community
    • Discover training units with public access of other users
    • Social Feed: share your own results, follow and comment training units or activities of other community participants
    • Immediate activitiy and training analysis: visual summary of your training in daily, weekly or monthly view
    • Extended activity and training analysis: analyse every detail fo your training as well as your physical activities
    • Progress: Display of reports and graphics about your weekly, monthly or yearly successes

    Data transmission:
    • Compatible with PC operating systems from Windows XP
    • Compatible with MAC OS operating system from Mac OS 10.6
    • Compatible with Polar Flow web service
    • Manual data export to apps of third-party providers as TCX-GPX and CSV files
    • Import of training history from to Polar Flow web service
    • Exchange of training and activity data with fitness apps such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health Hit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness

    Technical details:
    • 2,8" colour touch display, which can be configured to suit your needs
    • Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels
    • Waterproof according to IPX 7
    • Battery can be charged via micro-USB cable for up to 10 hours of training
    • Display text available in 15 languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese)
    • Data transmission of the bike computer with other Polar devices via Bluetooth Smart
    • Acoustic alarm
    • Keylock
    • Display backlight
    • Front LED light
    • Date and weekday display
    • Time of day (12/24 hours)
    • Bike settings for up to three bikes can be stored in the bike computer
    • Storage capacity over 10.000 hours
    • FirmwareUpdates via Flow web service
    • Material: housing made from polycarbonate, Asahi Dragontrail glass
    • Thickness: 16 mm (with holder 20 mm)
    • Weight: approx. 120 g

    Tip: By means of optionally available Bluetooth Smart sensors, you can view speed (item no. 2025988) and pedalling cadence (item no. 2025997) in order to make your training unit even more efficient.
    Including: Polar V650 bike computer incl. H6 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor, USB cable, adjustable bike mount and short guide



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    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Welcher Brustgurtsensor wird denn mitgeliefert? H6 oder H7?
    {frage_abgekuerzt}: Hvilket er fordi Brustgurtsensor inkluderet? H6 eller H7??
    af Linda Rohne (skrevet på 21.01.2017)



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    Schade gab es nur noch im Set mit Sender - hat sich aber herausgestellt, das es so besser ist, hab jetzt für jedes Produkt den passenden Sensor und muss nicht immer neu koppeln.
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