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    Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS running watch bundle

    Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.
    Garmin - Lebe den Moment Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.

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    Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS running watch bundle

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    Coincidence is just not your thing, not during training, cycling or triathlon. All relevant data of your sports success should be available as detailed and easy as possible. In this case, the Forerunner 735XT by Garmin is the perfect training partner for you. It provides an exact analysis of your performance data to allow for continuous improvement. The Garmin lightweight comes in a traditional wrist watch shape and with soft and comfortable silicone wristbands.

    Your heart on your wrist

    Apart from the included RUN chest strap, this high-end watch with Garmin Elevate™ technology offers a 24/7 heart rate measurement at the wrist. In this way, you can also leave your chest strap at home and still call up statistics such as heart rate zones and heartbeats per minute in real time. Absolutely uncomplicated and as efficient as possible – just as you wish.

    The Forerunner 735XT, equipped with GPS and GLONASS, also is a fitness tracker and stores your calories burned, your number of steps or your sleep data. When being too inactive, it reminds you to move with a vibration alert. The running & triathlon watch not only provides extensive multisport functions or extended performance analyses, such as running efficiency values (optional), recovery advice or cycling dynamics (optional). It also allows for a vast field of use, thanks to its integrated activity profiles, such as running (indoor/outdoor), cycling (indoor/outdoor) or swimming (swimming pool/open water).

    For perfect availability of your performance data

    Create customized training units and download them for free on Garmin Connect. Further online features are available when connecting the device with your smartphone. Thanks to automatic uploads on Garmin Connect, live tracking and smart notifications, the watch is ideally suited for you as an athlete. It allows you to securely store your smartphone, while also receiving all incoming information on the multisport watch. Moreover, free display designs, apps and data fields are available via Connect IQ.

    With smart notifications, automatic uploads on Garmin Connect and live tracking, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is the ultimate smartwatch for athletes. Store your mobile phone securely during long cycling, walking, or even swimming training units and receive all notifications on the multisport watch. The Garmin Forerunner 735XT can be customised with free display designs, apps and data fields by Connect IQ. Moreover, the Strava Suffer Score app is already preinstalled and provides you with a free 60-day trial version for Strava Premium.


    Basic features:
    • Lightweight and comfortable silicone straps
    • Small display housing
    • Compatible with Connect IQ: customisable display with data fields, display designs, widgets and apps
    • Watch
    • Date
    • Alert
    • Multisport functions for running, cycling, swimming, multisport, hiking, skiing, strength training, paddling sports and cardio
    • Smartphone notifications (shows emails, text messages and other alerts when connected with your smartphone)
    • Compass page
    • Vibration alert
    • Music features
    • Audio announcement when connected with your smartphone
    • Telephone search
    • VIRB® operation
    • With Varia connectivity fully linked with all Varia safety products

    Running features:
    • V02max estimate
    • Lactate threshold, load value and performance level
    • Competition forecast
    • Recovery advice
    • Training plans
    • Running prediction
    • Running efficiency
    • Acceleration measurement (calculates the distance for indoor training, without requiring a running sensor)
    • Personal records

    Running and cycling features
    • 24/7 heart rate measurement with Garmin Elevate™ technology (measurement at the wrist)
    • Visual heart rate display
    • Compatible with HRM Tri/Swim/Run chest strap (please also see Bundle, item no. 2250207 and 2250209)
    • Compatible with speed and cadence sensor kit (item no.: 2098294)
    • Complete running and cycling efficiency values provide data about your step length, balance of ground contact time, vertical ratio, power phase, Platform Centre Offset (Power Phase and Platform Center Offset optionally with Vector 2 powermeter, item no.: 2141480)
    • Compatible with running sensor (optionally available with item no. 2098559)
    • V02max and performance display when cycling: zones & time in zones (optional with power meter, see for example item no. 2141480)
    • Compatible with Shimano Di2
    • Compatible with Varia™ lighting / Radar / Varia Vision™ (see for example item no. 2155632)
    • Virtual Partner: train against a virtual person
    • Virtual Racer: compete against other activities
    • Track function (you can transfer tracks and follow them)
    • Auto Pause® (stop watch automatically stops, for example when you stop at traffic lights)
    • Auto Lap: automatically records lap numbers
    • Auto Scroll: automatic display of data fields during training
    • Auto page turner
    • Intensity minutes
    • Extended training: create your own, target-oriented training units
    • Pace alert (alert is triggered when you deviate from the preset pace)
    • Time or distance alert (audible alert when you reach a preset value)
    • Interval training (set training and break intervals)
    • Heart rate based calory calculation
    • Training Effect (effect of an activity on your aerobic fitness)
    • Customizable display views
    • Compatible with power measurement devices (display of performance data of compatible ANT+ power measurement devices of third suppliers)

    Swimming features:
    • Compatible with HRM Tri/Swim chest strap (see item no. 2173717 and 2173735)
    • Swimming pool features (lanes, distance, pace, number of strokes/stroke number, calories burned)
    • Identification of swimming style (e.g. crawling)
    • Open water swimming features (distance, pace, number of strokes/stroke number, calories burned)
    • Improved distance measuresment in open waters
    • The Forerunner 735XT guides you through your swimming training

    Fitness Tracker:
    • Step counter
    • Distance
    • Calories burned
    • Automatic goal (learns how active you are and allocates steps to a goal of the day)
    • Inactivity bar (is shown on the device after inactive for a period of time; walk about for some minutres to reset the display)
    • Sleep monitoring (monitors the total time of sleep as well as times of movement or quiet sleeping)
    • Inactivity display and alert (vibration)
    • Physiological measurements provide information about load value, performance level or lactate threshold (calculated from previous activities)

    Garmin Connect:
    • Compatible with Garmin Connect™ (online community for analysis, classification an exchange of data)
    • Automatic synchronisation (automatic transmission of training units to the computer)

    • Support of Connect IQ™: possibilities for customisation by downloading display designs, data fields, widgets and apps
    • Physiological measurements
    • Running/walking functions
    • Competing against activities
    • User-defined alerts
    • Adjustable lap field
    • UltraTrac™ mode to extend battery life: GPS reception is deactivated in certain time intervals and the acceleration sensor takes over the determination of distance and speed

    Technical data:
    • Display resolution: 215 x 180 pixels
    • GPS/GLONASS receiver
    • Interface: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (only data transmission), USB
    • Lithium-ion battery
    • Battery life: approx. 11 days (watch mode), 14 hours (GPS), 24 hours (Ultra Trac™)
    • Waterproof up to 5 ATM (50 m)
    • Impact-resistant
    • Dimensions: approx. 45 x 45 x 12 mm
    • Display size: approx. 31,1 mm diameter
    • Weight: approx. 40,2 g

    • Forerunner 735XT GPS watch
    • HRM-Run chest strap
    • Data/charging cradle
    • Documentation

    Manufacturer’s ref. 010-01614-15 (black/grey), 010-01614-16 (frost/blue)



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    Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS running watch bundle

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