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    Garmin Edge Touring GPS bike computer

    Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.
    Garmin - Lebe den Moment Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.

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    Garmin Edge Touring GPS bike computer

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    Switch on, select a destination and start riding.
    Edge Touring is just as easy-to-use as a GPS navigator for the car. It has been specially designed for leisure cyclists, touring cyclists and mountain bikers and does not need initial familiarisation. Thanks to a Europe-wide Garmin cycling map on OSM basis, it allows genuine bike navigation, preferably on bike paths (depending on the local availability of bike paths in the map material).
    You can even find and download rides others have completed on Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures, or share your own with the community.

    • Genuine bike navigation on bike paths thanks to Europe-wide Garmin cycling map on OSM basis (different coverage depending on the country, full coverage not guaranteed), 10 million kilometres routing-capable roads and paths, 2.5 million POIs, extensive address entries (not for Malta), country coverage: Germany, Netherlands, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal with Madeira and Azores, Rumania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain with Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, Vatican
    • Acoustic (warning tone) and visual turn-by-turn navigation (requires routing-capable map)
    • RoundTrip routing for interesting ways to bring you back to where you started (3 different ride options with height profile)
    • Route planner for a navigation with several interim targets
    • Route planning, tracking, analysis and archiving on Garmin Connect™
    • Display of the route’s height profile
    • Compass page: Indicates the direction to the next waypoint/change of direction
    • TracBack™ (back to start): Shows the way back to the starting point
    • AutoLap automatically sets interim times with regard to distance or position
    • AutoPause stops the timer automatically, e.g. at traffic lights
    • Bright 2,6“ (6,6cm) touch screen display, can be easily read in sunlight, too
    • ActiveRouting, different route suggestions according to the selected (bike) routing mode
    • Data page with 1-10 freely selectable data fields (freely selectable from up to 34 data values)
    • Height profile of the route
    • Fast satellite reception thanks to Garmin HotFix™
    • Card slot for microSD™ memory cards with max. 8 GB, internal memory: 105 MB (73 MB free)
    • Waterproof (to IPX7), shock-proof
    • Approx. 15 hours battery life
    • For leisure cyclists, touring cyclists and mountain bikers
    • display languages: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polnish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish

    Find Places and Get Directions
    European bike-specific maps preloaded in the Edge Touring make it easy to get from point A to point B (and beyond) and back again. Simply enter an address or search for points of interest and Edge Touring will give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination(s). You can choose between cycling, tour cycling and mountain biking modes to calculate the most appropriate route for the type of cycling you do, taking you on paved roads, unpaved roads or on paths and trails.

    With RoundTrip routing, you can tell Edge Touring how far you’d like to ride and then choose from up to 3 ride options that will bring you back to where you started. The device makes it easy to plan rest stops, find attractions along the way and more.

    Search for Rides and Adventures
    Don’t have a specific destination in mind? Search for rides others have completed on Garmin Connect ( or Garmin Adventures ( Then download them to Edge Touring to follow on your next ride. Customise the rides or create completely new ones and then download them to your device as well.

    Share Your Experiences
    Edge Touring records where you ride so you can upload your rides to Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures and relive them whenever you want. Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures are free and allow you to share your cycling adventures with friends, family or fellow riders.


    You can also insert microSD cards with road map display or other topographic map material by Garmin into the device instead of the OSM cycling map (e.g. Topo Germany V7 Pro, item no. 2130989). Maps on DVDs can be loaded onto a microSD memory card via Garmin MapInstall (free download at or integrated into the downloadable Garmin Base Camp for display and route planning (free download at, suitable for PC and Mac*). Via Garmin Base Camp, you can update already existing maps and your Edge, get new maps and use many additional features such as the display of already ridden routes, different map displays (2D and 3D) or the creation and management of POIs. You can also update the maps or the device directly via the free programme Garmin Express ( The update of the pre-installed OSM map is free, whereas the update of other available Garmin maps entails costs. The City Navigator can be updated via a download, for the Garmin Topo maps you can buy update DVDs for the respective country. You can also buy update packages for the City Navigator in the Garmin shop Lifetime. The DVD road maps of the City Navigator can be updated for free once within 30 days after activation. Pre-installed Garmin maps on the memory card cannot be updated. Garmin Adventures include recorded activities which you can share, use, download and change via BaseCamp. Moreover, you have the possibility to load free OSM maps (e.g. in img format onto a microSD card and use them for your device (the OSM map has to be suitable for routing to allow for a navigation). Simply create a new folder called “Garmin” on the memory card and put the .img file into it. In this way, the Garmin device will be able to display the map. You can also load and use several OSM maps at the same time.

    *System requirements: PC: from Windows Vista (SP2), Mac from OS10.8, min. 1024 RAM
    • Including: Garmin Edge Touring, 2 x quarter-turn bike mount for handlebar or stem with fixing rubbers, USB cable, Garmin OSM cycling maps Europe on microSD™ card (pre-inserted)

    • Manufacturer‘s ref.: 010-01163-00

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    Garmin Edge Touring GPS bike computer 5
    af George Peattie
    (skrevet på 23.01.2016) 2016-01-23
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    easy to fit onto handle bars on my bike and easy to set up just had to go to garmins website register with them the device gets registered as well and leave them to it excellent device annd excellent service from rosebikes as well
    af Martin Kettling
    (skrevet på 05.01.2015)
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    Prima Navi, das sich gut und stabil am Rad befestigen lässt (2 Halter dabei!). Wenn man erst mal weiß, wie es zu bedienen und einzustellen ist, macht es Spaß, damit zu fahren. Die Bedienungsanleitung ist allerdings fast unbrauchbar, nur die absoluten Grundfunktionen werden gezeigt. Was darüber hinausgeht, lässt sich nur mit try-and-error (meist error...) herausfinden. Sehr geholfen hat mit ein Praxis-Handbuch das mit 20Euro nicht billig, aber sehr empfehlenswert ist.
    af Serny Pierre
    (skrevet på 04.04.2016)
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    Très simple - Complet -Idéal pour le cyclotouriste qui voyage, qui évite de se perdre dans les villes et ... qui n'a que peut d'intérêt pour la vitesse de pédalage, les cadences, le rythme cardiaque etc
    af Volker von Mackensen
    (skrevet på 04.01.2016)
    {gekaufter_artikel}: /
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    Tolles einfaches Gerät, bin sehr zufrieden
    af Franck Martineau
    (skrevet på 28.12.2015)
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    tres satisfais.
    af Reinhard Stening
    (skrevet på 26.09.2015)
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    Alles super und auch schnelle Lieferung
    af Thomas Kirchhammer
    (skrevet på 06.09.2015)
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    Für das Tourenfahren oder das Fitnesstraining vollkommen ausreichendes Gerät. Da die Bedienungsanleitung (nur Internet Download) nur einen Auszug der Grundfunktionen enthält müssen die Möglichkeiten durch kreative Interpretation und Internetrecherchen herausgefunden werden. Wenn die Testphase erfolgreich überwunden wurde, ist es ein für die Zielgruppe ein hervorragendes Gerät. Die Zielsuche und das Round-Trip-Routing sind sehr gut, die Eingabe von GPX-Touren erfordert Erfahrung und Interpretation unterwegs. Der Import von GPX Touren fehlt in der Anleitung, ist aber einfach, da die Datei nur in den Ordner "New Files" des Geräts kopiert werden müssen. Die Konvertierung in das Garmin-Format erfolgt beim nächsten Start des Geräts. Die Aktivitäten werden über Garmin Express und Garmin Connect automatisch synchronisiert und archiviert. Es fehlt nur die Angabe der Entfernung zum Ziel nach dem Routing. Die Angaben bei der Zielsuche sind offenbar nur Luftlinien. Nach der Einarbeitung zu diesem Preis eine absolute Empfehlung.
    af Alwin Janssen
    (skrevet på 15.08.2015)
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    Einfach starten und los geht's wie in der Beschreibung
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    Garmin Edge Touring GPS bike computer

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