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    Elite Real Tour B+ indoor trainer

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    Elite Real Tour B+ indoor trainer

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    If you want a realistic indoor training that not only keeps you fit but also makes fun, the RealTour B+ will definitely be your choice. The Real Videos function allows you to ride the most famous stages of the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France as well as beautiful routes through the landscape. Depending on the route chosen, Real Tour automatically adapts the resistance. In this way, the trainer simulates inclines up to 6% (500 watts at 30 km/h).

    RealVideo: Train with Elite RealVideos (available for purchase at or download hundreds of free user-created My RealVideos.

    My RealVideo: The Real Tour B+ is compatible with the My RealVideo app. This app allows you to track routes with your smartphone and to ride them as often as you want.

    Web Race: This software lets you compete against cyclists from all over the world. The Web Race option lets you compete against opponents on the same course and displays their data, such as position, distance, speed, heart rate, etc. Each cyclist can create new courses or compete on courses created by other riders.
    Each cyclist's data is displayed at the end of the race.

    Import Data from GPS: Real Software can import GPS data or data that was downloaded online. The software is able to recreate the altimetry profile of specific courses during import and also makes it possible to compare a previously recorded time over a specified course. The software is compatible with the most common file formats: Garmin's .crs and .tcx, Google Maps .kml and many more.

    Geolocated Races: Google Maps lets you create personalized courses from anywhere in the world and match the pedal resistance based on the altimetry to that you would experience on the real course. Geolocated Races can be activated while riding and displays the on-screen course and rider's position.

    Share results: To track of your performance over time, training data can be saved, exported or shared on social media.

    • integrated cadence sensor
    • foldable frame for easy transport or storage when not in use
    • Elastogel roller for better traction and reduced noises
    • suitable for 20”-29” bikes
    • incl. latest software (can be updated anytime via Elite server), Internet Competition, 1 video race, USB-Dongle
    • manufacturer’s ref. FA003510069

    For more information on the compatibility, you can use a program at For the display of the heart rate via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+, you can e.g. use the Wahoo Fitness BT 4.0 chest strap, item no. 2013530.

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    Elite Real Tour B+ indoor trainer

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