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    Elite Qubo Power Fluid indoor trainer

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    Elite Qubo Power Fluid indoor trainer

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    The Elite Qubo Power Fluid indoor trainer allows for a lifelike simulation of a bike’s handling on the road, that means that the weight of the cyclist and his power output influence the resistance set. The Crono system ensures that the frame of the trainer automatically adapts to the wheel with the rider’s weight, which regulates the contact pressure of the roller just like the road resistance. This makes sense as a heavier rider generally has to generate more power for the same speed. For an additional resistance adjustment, you can just shift your gears like you were on the road. An extra-large flywheel completely immersed in oil allows for high resistance levels even at low speeds. With the “myETraining” app, Elite offers you the possibility to enhance your performance and your motivation.

    • interactive training with display of speed, power output in watts, cadence, time, distance and heart rate (Attention! Only when used with the Elite "myETraining" app, can be downloaded from the App Store (for iOs) or from Google Play (for Android) for € 9,90 per year, free demo app with a limited use of 10 min. per day, for Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ compatible devices* such as tablets or smartphones and optional sensors**):

    RealVideo: train with Elite RealVideos (available for purchase at or download hundreds of free user-created My RealVideos.

    Base Training: training with resistance levels and with pre-set programs

    Conconi test: determines your anaerobic threshold value.

    Training test: an evaluation test that helps you create month-long personalized indoor training programmes.

    Maps races: create races all over the world with Google Maps.

    Multiple users: the app allows for multiple users on the same device.

    Training programme creation: graphics editor for easy creation of programmes.

    Video Playlist: create a playlist of videos for your training.

    Share results: to track of your performance over time, training data can be saved, exported or shared on social media.

    • elastogel roller with a Ø of 45 mm for low frictional losses, reduced noise generation and a high wear resistance
    • foldable frame for easy transport or storage when not in use
    • Fast-Fixing clamping mechanism: fast and easy installation and removal of the wheel
    • suitable for 24”-29” wheels with quick release hub (not suitable for wheels with thru axle)
    • incl. special quick release for the rear hub
    • manufacturer’s ref. FA003510047

    * For more information on the compatibility, you can use a program at .
    ** For the display of all training data, appropriate sensors are required. To measure your speed, cadence or power output, we recommend the Elite MisuroB+ sensor, item no. 2187738. For the display of the heart rate via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+, you can e.g. use the Wahoo Fitness BT 4.0 chest strap, item no. 2013530.

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    Optimal für die Winterzeit. Der Wiederstand ist für mich ideal.
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    Elite Qubo Power Fluid indoor trainer

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