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    cinq5 The Plug III USB charger

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    cinq5 The Plug III USB charger

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    The USB port on your bike.
    The charge adapter impresses with an easy installation and a compact design. The adapter simply replaces the headset cap. Thus it is well protected and can be connected to numerous devices. It is connected by means of integrated cables that run inside the head tube of the frame right down to the hub dynamo. If the clamp for the steerer tube does not allow an internal cable routing, we recommend to use the slotted Expander (included, but also available under item no. 2001207). The PAT III technology converts the AC voltage of the dynamo into 5V and 500 mA, ideal for use with standard smartphones.
    · USB 2.0 port
    · aluminium body with sealing to protect from moisture
    · full performance from approx. 12 km/h speed
    · for all 1 1/8" threadless forks with shaft outerØ 28,6 mm
    · not suitable for Speedlifter systems
    · compatible with almost all mobile devices
    · incl. screw, connection cable and plastic ring with filler plug to close the USB plug
    Please note: The use with a front light with on/off switch is recommended. Full charging capacity can only be achieved with "either/or" use (either light or charging function)
    (Price without decoration)

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    cinq5 The Plug III USB charger

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