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    Cateye Strada Smart Basic CC-RD500B bike computer

    CatEye's full range of cycle computers, from the budget friendly entry level models to the elite training companions, represent the apex of reliable cycling technology.
    Cateye - Smart Series CatEye's full range of cycle computers, from the budget friendly entry level models to the elite training companions, represent the apex of reliable cycling technology.

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    Cateye Strada Smart Basic CC-RD500B bike computer

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    What if your smartphone and bike computer could communicate with each other?
    This bike computer makes it possible. This means: You can stow away your smartphone safely and let the computer do all the work. All GPS data recorded by your smartphone are transferred to the bike computer via Bluetooth. This also means: Your smartphone uses less energy and the risk of dropping it is reduced to a minimum. While riding, the Cateye Cycling™ app records your route. Especially useful: You bike computer will immediately inform you about incoming calls or messages.
    And if you want to leave your smartphone at home, the sensor direct mode will allow you to connect your bike computer with the optional sensors (e.g. for speed, cadence and heart rate) and thus stay independent.

    There are three more things worth mentioning: The bike computer can be mounted without tools using the FlexTight™ bracket. The display can be customized by tilting the display itself, as it also functions as a toggle switch. This allows you to even use it with thick gloves on.
    • the Cateye Cycling™ app for iOS and Android records all trip data using the GPS of your smartphone
    • all recorded data can be uploaded on online platforms such as, or
    • compatible with heart rate sensor HR-12/speed (cadence) sensor ISC-12
    • connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0
    • compatible with iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1)/Android 4.4 or later
    • FlexTight™ bracket for tool-free mounting, suitable for tubes with a diameter of 22-32 mm
    • easy to use thanks to ClickTec™ - the entire display functions as a toggle switch and can thus also be operated with gloves on.
    • customizable display

    • 2 modes: Mirroring mode and Sensor Direct mode
    • in the Mirroring mode, your smartphone transfers data to the bike computer; the GPS of the smartphone measures your speed and the metres in altitude covered
    • the display of the bike computer immediately shows incoming calls, emails or messages
    • the Sensor Direct mode directly connects the compatible sensors with the bike computer (you can see all data measured on the smartphone after your ride)

    Bike functions:
    • you can save up to 2 wheel circumferences (circumference: 100 mm to 3999 mm)
    • current speed (0.0.-105.9 km)
    • average speed (0.0.-105.9 km)
    • maximum speed (0.0.-105.9 km)
    • pace arrow (shows the current speed in relation to the average speed)
    • total distance (up to 99.999 km)
    • trip distance 1 (up to 999,99 km)
    • trip distance 2 (up to 9.999,9 km)
    • time (24h/12h)
    • elapsed time (0:00’00-9:59’59)
    • metres in altitude
    • cadence (only with optional sensor)
    • power output in watts (only with optional sensor; compatible with Stages Power and PowerTap G3 for iOS)
    • heart rate (only with optional sensor)
    • auto power saving mode
    • auto start/stop
    • battery: lithium battery CR2032
    • microcomputer (crystal-controlled oscillator)
    • liquid crystal display (LCD)
    • dimensions: approx. 47 x 32 x 13,22 mm
    • incl. FlexTight bracket (also separately available, e.g. for a second bike, under item no. 2098920, suitable for tube diameters of 22-32 mm)

    Manufacturer’s ref.: FA003524071

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    Cateye Strada Smart Basic CC-RD500B bike computer 5
    af Lammert Profijt
    (skrevet på 06.11.2014) 2014-11-06
    Klik her for at få oversat kommentaren til dit eget sprog.
    Goede fietscomputer. de telefoon kan nu in de tas/zak blijven. werkt perfect met panobike hartslagmeter en cardans censor.
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