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    BELL SUPER 2 MTB helmet

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    BELL SUPER 2 MTB helmet 52-56

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    The Bell MTB SUPER 2 is ideally suited for enduro racing, all-mountain tours and all exciting trails rides. Thanks to its especially deep helmet shell, it offers reliably protection and its wearing comfort as well as its ventilation will certainly convince you. The SUPER 2 comes with technologies like OVERBROW VENTILATION, with a camera mount (with removable fastening) and the TAG fit system, which allows for an easy adaptation to your head.

    • MTB and enduro helmet made with IN-MOLD technology
    • comes with easily adjustable Bell TAG FIT SYSTEM
    • with 23 vents in the shell, thereof four over the eyebrow (OVERBROW VENTILATION) and six at the chin
    • adjustable GOGGLEGUIDE visor system
    • with X-STATIC helmet pads
    • light strap system
    • compatible with the SUPER 2R chin protection
    • CE EN 1078 certified

    Weight: 395 g for size M (55-59 cm)

    The EPS foam is injected into the thin microshell while it still is in the mold (which explains the name of the process), instead of shaping it separately and sticking it on afterwards.

    This Bell fit system can be fast and easily adjusted in height as well, even while the helmet is on the head. Rubberised guide arms for even more wearing comfort directly at the head. With the TAG system the helmet can be optimally and comfortably adjusted.

    The adjustable visor system keeps the goggles in place securely. It can be pushed up easily and therefore offers enough space to attach the goggles to the helmet. When you are riding without visor, you can use the short goggle retention arms. They keep the goggle strap securely in place and prevent the goggles from slipping upwards.

    The ventilation system guides an actively cooling airflow through deep inlets to the forehead into the helmet. Specially constructed air channels guide the airstream around the head and the warm air out of the helmet. Deep air inlets over the forehead bring cooling air into the helmet.

    The removable mount allows attaching an action camera in a neat, seamless and shake-free way, without relying on annoying constructions with double-sided adhesive tape or cable ties. The practical, removable mount fits ideally into the vent on top of the helmet, keeps the camera in the optimal position and does not leave any traces on the helmet after dismounting it.

    X-Static pads contain silver threads, are fast-drying and have an antibacterial effect to reduce odour formation. Moreover, thanks to their thermal features, they give the rider a cooling feeling when it’s hot and a warming feeling when it’s cold.

    Bell visor screws break more easily during crashes, in order to prevent cuts caused by bent visors in a crash.

    ICEdot is a notification system for emergencies. The ICEdot crash sensor can be attached easily to most helmets. The yellow crash sensor (approx. four centimetres of diameter) can be attached to every helmet. Afterwards it connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, on which the corresponding app runs. The sensor then recognizes movements, impacts and shocks. As soon as a strong impact is recognized, an alert is sent to the smartphone app. The app then triggers an acoustic alarm and starts a countdown. If the athlete is not able anymore to switch off the countdown, the app automatically sends an alarm notification with the current GPS data to the preset contact data.



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    BELL SUPER 2 MTB helmet 5
    af André Van Spaandonck
    (skrevet på 29.11.2016) 2016-11-29
    {gekaufter_artikel}: /
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    Wow, most of the helmets I had were Okee. But this one is really SUPER. Fits very comfortable on my headshape , a normal shape ;-) and after 5 minutes you are not aware you have something on your head. The sunvisor I detatched in the center so I can lift it a bit when needed. Best helmet so far after around 12 in 35 years.
    af Marcos Rebollo
    (skrevet på 06.11.2015)
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    Precioso casco, pero siento presión en la sien, a la media hora de uso. Puedo dejarlo mas flojo pero la presión en los laterales de la cabeza no cesa.
    Variant 52-56
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    Variant 52-56
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    BELL SUPER 2 MTB helmet

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