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    AXA Blueline 30-T Steady Auto front light


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    AXA Blueline 30-T Steady Auto front light

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    Thanks to a special lens reflector and a strong diode, the AXA front light emits a surprisingly bright beam of light. This is surprising, as the housing is extremely compact. Its slim design gives your bike an extravagant touch. However, above all, the design significantly adds to your safety during the day and at night. Other road users will see you better thanks to the extra side windows with one additional diode each. The integrated light sensor allows for automatic switching between day and night mode, when the light is in the automatic mode.
    · for dynamo operation
    · 30 lux
    · min. 4 minutes of stand light fed by a capacitor (no batteries required)
    · range of vision: up to 65 m, visibility: up to 3500 m
    · 2 different modes: automatic (daytime running light: two side diodes are burning while the main diode is switched off; nighttime running light: main diode and two side diodes are burning simultaneously; the toggle switch turns blue when in automatic mode and off
    · incl. a two-wire cable for connection to a dynamo and an approx. 10 cm long two-wire cable with two cable lug plugs to extend the cable to the back light
    · incl. front reflector and bracket

    Manufacturer's ref. 93951795SB

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    AXA Blueline 30-T Steady Auto front light 4
    af Grégoire Deminière
    (skrevet på 03.02.2016) 2016-02-03
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    Excellent for commuting in the city. Fairly easy to install. Only two negatives: the mounting bracket doesn't work with caliper brakes (Sram Rival brakes), I had to build a custom bracjet with U-Channel Aluminium. The standlight isn't all that bright, but the reflector hopefully makes up for it.
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    AXA Blueline 30-T Steady Auto front light

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